Friday, February 12, 2010

it's "fill in the blank friday!" over on lauren's blog.
sooo fun. :)

1. I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes, i don't really have any high hopes for this vday. josh and i haven't really discussed it much. and i'm not even sure if i'm off work. :( but whatever the case, i know it'll just be another day filled with love and laughter! .

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is um, this is really creepy and gross probably, but i love picking at things. like not suuuper gross stuff. but i just can't help it. sometimes i just really like it, okay? hopefully this won't totally change your opinion of me, and we can still be friends .

3. I am most proud of always staying true to who i am, and being a good role model to my little brothers and sisters.

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be leggings, slouchy sweater, longish white v-neck, and some cute boots. maybe flats. .

5. People are really interesting to me. my days are filled with being around people. i love meeting new sweet, cute people every blessed day.

6. I would rather be with my whale right now than be without .

7. I love my baby whale husband more than he loves me. sorry, josh, but it's just a fact, okay? deal with it .

yesterday i was off work and i didn't have anything to do all day, because my plans to go to the kindergarten center were ruined.
the principal wasn't there, so i couldn't do anything!
instead, i went to hastings and goodwill.
at hastings i bought the book "the year of magical thinking." by joan didion.
it sounds completely beautiful, touching, and enriching.
i can't wait to start reading it.
at goodwill, i bought a cute little mug that says "YOU." on the front of it.
i'm assuming it was part of a set, but there was no "ME." mug around. :(
and this wicker coaster set. there are a tooon of them, all in this little wooden heart shaped block.
and a big plaid thermos!
all for under five dollars.
(pictures later.)

after class last night, josh and i went to his parents' house.
we talked to them a lot about wedding stuff.
and i'm really excited and happy that they're excited and happy for us. :)
we told his dad that we want him to perform our ceremony.
and we talked about rehearsal and colors and the wedding party and just everything.
i haven't spent a ton of time around his parents, but i have enough to know that i really like them, a lot.
and i'm so excited to be a part of their family and get to know them even better.
they're wonderful.

after we left their house and were driving home, josh was like:
"lydia, when you said that the rehearsal and dinner were the groom's day, i didn't know you meant that my family is in charge of it. i thought that you meant it was like, "my day", a day for me."
clearly a big issue for him.
what a diva.

i'm so excited to be officially engaged.
and really start sharing the whole process with all of you!
and getting your insight and opinions. :)



  1. yay! wedding planning time!!!!
    congrats again for being engaged!!!

    p.s i like to pick things scabs and boogers off of my nose ring. hahaha i love being honest!
    show photos of your goodwill hunt!
    hehehe men! his day! whatev!

  2. HAHA I laughed out loud when reading about "diva Josh" being sad it wasn't actually a day for him. So cute. Congratulations on the engagement!!!

    -other bueno sister

  3. yay for filling this out! i liked reading your answers. and i relate to liking to pick things. i like to peel sunburns especially....but only other people's....not my own :).

    hope you have a lovely week!


  4. So sweet about you being a role model for your little could be nothing better to them :)


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