Monday, February 1, 2010

i'm embarrassed.

i have a new most embarrassing moment.
it happened a couple of nights ago at hastings bookstore.
josh, me, matt, and trey went there to hang out and browse around.
josh and i had been bouncing a giant bouncy ball back and forth.
at one point, it bounced and hit him.
and i was like yelling about how, "haha! see it does hurt!"
and just generally acting like an idiot as i ran off looking back at him.
and then, it happened.
as i was not paying any attention to where i was going/what i was doing, i toppled right onto a man who was squatted down in the floor, looking at books on the bottom shelf.
i completely knocked him over.
i just kept yelling, "i'm sorry! i'm so sorry!"
and then i ran off, because i was so embarrassed.

what's your moment?


  1. Aw--boo! I hate embarrassing moments! They seem to happen to me often because I'm super clumsy.

    When I was in high school, I was outside sitting at the picnic tables with friends during lunch. I went to private school, so we had a uniform. I pretty much never wore the skirt, but that day it had been hot enough for me to wear it. So I sat there the whole period, heard the bell ring, and went to get up to head to class. Except, somehow, I had managed to get the shoestring on my tennis shoe wrapped around a nut/bolt combo. Like wrapped several times around it! I was standing and already had one leg out from underneath the table and was pulling the other leg out when I realized--hey, I'm going to be on my butt in about 2 seconds. I then fell, had both legs up on the bench, my skirt all flipped up and about 40 people around looking at me like I'm crazy. Fun stuff!

  2. Hahaha, that is kind of funny! The poor man, just looking at his books and then wham! I'm sure he got over it :)
    I once fell down some stairs at a party and ripped my top open, i was lying there knocked out with my bra exposed to the world, the funny thing was i wasn't even drunk! Needless to say i swiftly got out of there but had to walk to a taxi stop and get home with my top wide open.

  3. haha! what a cute post! ;) i don't know what my embarrassing moment is, i think i often try to forget those! ;p

  4. stephanie- oh my gosh! that'd be horrifying! i'm so sorry that happened. :( haha.

    lady g- sorry about your top, haha. that's definitely super awkward.

    HT- agreed. i typically do the same thing. i'm currently trying to block this one as we speak!

    mara- i hope not! he's probably terrified of the weird, clumsy girl. :)

  5. awww, I would die if that happened to me...but it is pretty funny!!
    My embarassing moment was when my friends had booked one of our favorite bands (Bane) to play a show with them in Dayton. I was standing with one of my friends watching Bane's set and decided to put on chapstick. But when I took my chapstick out it was completely empty like there had never been chapstick in it!!! It was the kind where the lid goes all the way over the tube and the chapstick had been pushed all the way into the lid, so when I saw this I said loudly enough for my friend to hear over the band "Oh my god, I broke my chapstick!!" Right when I said it the song was over so everyone heard and turned and looked at us. My friend (who is an over reactor anyways) was more embarassed than me and screamed "SANDY GGGGGAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" and flailed his arms around and ran away...that is the part that embarassed me because he looked soo crazy screaming and waving his arms around.

  6. sandy- hahah. people like your friend kill me. when they make the moment ACTUALLY embarrassing and awkward. aww, god love him. :)

  7. Too funny!! Just lettin' you know, I'm your knick knack swap partner! Not sure what I'm sending but I'll make it interesting, no worries. Look forward to following your blog chica!! :-)


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