Friday, January 29, 2010


for the past few days everyone around here has been preparing for this huge, crazy ice storm we were supposed to have last night.
then, night fell and nothing.
early this morning, nothing.
school was still cancelled though, because they were expecting it to happen.
and it finally did!
around 7 this morning it started pouring snow and it still hasn't stopped.
it's supposed to continue into the next day.
josh and i may go sledding tomorrow, which will be lots of fun.
i haven't gone sledding in about fifty years.

i've spent my day just lazing around.
i took a long afternoon nap and ever since i woke up i've been watching "big love."
(so good.)

now, i'm really wanting ice cream.
but, bad news bears, apparently a lot of places are closed in town.
so sadly my wish may not be fulfilled.


no ice cream.


  1. i want to go sledding.

    and eat ice cream.

    and watch big love.

    i can't go sledding cause there's no snow here.

    BUT...i do have ice cream (girl scout thin mint to be exact).

    and i can find big love online somewhere i'm sure.

    thanks for the idea on how to spend my evening :).


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