Wednesday, January 27, 2010


everything about this movie...i love.
when i saw last week that it was coming out on tuesday, i got so excited i started crying a little.
(so i'm a crier. big deal!)
josh bought it for me yesterday. :)
i watched it last night and loved it even more!

when i was watching it, i started thinking a lot.
about how i want to stay young forever and always have fun.
i never want to take life too seriously, or pass things up.
i admire so much people that do this.

growing up, i always just thought about having a "normal" life.
obviously there is nothing wrong with this at all, but recently i'm starting to realize that i don't HAVE to do this.
i can live however i want.
and i really believe i'm going to do just that.
obviously i want a family and a house, all those wonderful things.
but i want to have fun and be young and silly, always and forever, all at the same time.

so many times i have been so afraid of my future and what will happen.
but i refuse to let these fears bother me anymore.
i can do whatever i want to do.
life can be exciting.
in donald miller's latest book, "a million miles in a thousand years," there is a chapter entitled:
"Great Stories Have Memorable Scenes."
remember that! please.



  1. i want to see this SOOOOO bad! especially now that I've heard it's so good :)

  2. oh my gosh! you HAVE to.
    it's so sweet and inspiring.
    after watching it, i guarantee you will be dying to be a roller derby girl.
    at least...that's the effect it had on me.

  3. i bought it today! i saw it in the theaters when it first came out--and loved it. it made me want to roller skate even more (which is pretty ridiculous since I want to all the time anyway).

    i'm just now realizing that i dont have to have the life everyone else is signing up for. alot of my "classmates" are getting married and having kids, and i felt a little behind. but now, i'm happy to wait for the right times for those things to happen if their even supposed to. i'm enjoying being young and fun and silly :).

  4. i feel the exact same way, chelsey.
    and even though i am getting married soon, i know that it doesn't have to be the whole traditional type of life.
    i'm ready for so much adventure and fun! :)

  5. I haven't seen it yet, but have heard so many good things about it. now I want to go out and buy it!!

  6. i haven't seen this yet, but i still want to.

    i completely agree with you about finding that balance between having fun and being silly while still being a grownup. it's a hard balance to strike, but i've no doubts you'll find a way to do it beautifully :).

  7. I love Whip It! It's a fabulous movie.

    I also agree with you about deciding one's own future. I worry sometimes that I'm wasting my youth and not putting myself out there. Your blog post reminded me that I need to go out and make those "memorable scenes"!


  8. I love her pink dress and cameo necklace...very pretty :)

  9. i loved this movie and i want t o live a life of happiness and randomness!!!
    this is why i feel its important to be healthy and fit! healthy and fit people look way younger and seem to be happier!!!
    GREAT MOVIE to watch when you are sick bc it lifts you up!
    xo B

  10. i love this movie! i didn't think i would, but ellen page was enough to make me watch it. loved her in juno, too!


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