Wednesday, February 3, 2010

two whales in a pod.

so, as most of you probably know...i hate my job.
one of my "resolutions" for this year was to find a new one, asap.
i've just felt very under appreciated for a long time there.
and i also hate all of the drama that goes along with this job.
i hate sounding really whiny and complaining, but there's just some stuff i have to get off my chest.
(then, onto happy things!)
at the beginning of this year, i took my two weeks of vacation.
after i got back to work, i found out that they didn't count my second week, because i can't take it til after my anniversary.
but apparently no one decided to tell me this the multiple times i asked about it.
thanks, guys!
also upon my return, i find that i have been kicked out my position in the office and demoted to cashier.
it has been about 3 weeks that i've been back and no one talks to me about it. at all.
until two days ago.
my manager comes and talks to me and tells me that because i was out for a week, i was kicked out.
so on top of the fact that i was so sick i could barely walk or even move,
or that i was seeing multiple doctors everyday...
i lost my job.
it's just very hard to accept and deal with.
i want to get out of there as fast as i possibly can.


yesterday started out as a pretty rough day in paradise.
i won't lie...josh and i aren't perfect always.
he had his moment yesterday afternoon, and i had mine later that night.
and honestly, i can't even care that there are occasionally moments like these.
i love seeing how josh and i work through things and every time we do i feel closer to him.
i love watching how the two of us grow together and learn from each other.
it's so beautiful and wonderful to me!
things were mended quickly and we had a fun day.

we went to eat at steak n shake.
every time we go josh always gets chicken fingers and fries with barbeque sauce.
but when the waitress asks what he wants, he says, "chicken fingers with ra--barbeque sauce."
because he hates, hates, hates ranch.
and he did it a million years ago when we first started dating, to be silly, and now he has done it ever since.
it always makes me laugh. :)

i really wanted to go to the pet store afterwards, so we did!
i tried to get josh to guess my favorite fish, but they DIDN'T EVEN HAVE IT. thanks a heap, petsway!
we also looked at chinchillas, which i have a really funny story about, but i'll save that for another day. :)
there was this really funny little bird that hated josh and every time he got close it would snap at him.
but it let me touch it's creepy, cute little toes and talk to it.
and they had a bunch of "free to good home" dogs that i was DYING to have, but i know the 'rents would have killed me. :(

we went to jcpenney's and looked in their jewelry dept. at rings.
they didn't have the kind i liked, they only had the square and pear styles.
but i still liked going to get a better grasp of what sizes and stuff are like.
it was really awkward for me talking to the people behind the counter.
because i didn't like anything they were trying to show me, and i felt so weird being like, "no. no. no." ha.
oh, and at one point the lady was like, "i heard you make a comment about diamonart. what was that?"
and i was like, "um....they're not...real?"
and she was like, "oh. right. they're CZ. you don't want that?"
do i want a fake diamond ring? no, no thank you, lady.
i mean, i'm not trying to be shallow or greedy, but i would like a real ring!
i told josh he had to do the talking, and we left. :)

we went to the movies and saw "when in rome."
it was pretty cute! but there was this lady behind us that thought that literally every line of the movie was like, rip-roaringly funny. josh and i could not handle it. so funny.

i love being with my best friend.
seriously, such a blessing! :)


  1. It's so great to have such a great guy in your life. Whenever I have a bad day, Luke is always there for me, and it's wonderful. I'm sorry to hear about your job, but I know you'll find something better, and a place that treats you like you deserve to be treated!

    Have a good day girl!!

  2. im glad you and your man are growing together. sounded like a great day!
    and i hope you find the perfect job. they suck!
    find something you love and run with it:)


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