Thursday, January 14, 2010


i'm just feeling really great right now.

this morning i had to get up a little early--okay, so 9 am is probably not really "early" but it is since i've been on vacation being a lazy daisy for the past two and a half weeks.
i had a doctors appt, just a little checkup this time.
all was well!
afterwards, i went to work and got my check.
i'm really happy with it, because i only have to take $10 out of the bank to meet my car payment.
and then, i just have plenty of dees leftover, since i've already paid my other bills this month.
that's such a good feeling--being on top of things!

i went to the gym and walked a mile and did five miles on the bike.
i'm not really hardcore with it or anything, ha.
i'm just trying to ease myself into things, because i don't want to get burnt out on it.
so far, i just love it and how it makes me feel.

last night, josh and i made dinner again.
we were doing two different things at once, and at first it was really stressing me out.
i accidentally let a pot boil over and i melted part of the cutting board.
but, everything was fine in the end. thank goodness.
he made himself taco burgers, which is a sloppy joe with taco seasoning.
and fritos with cheese on top.
i decided to take on danielle's (from Sometimes Sweet) recipe she shared the other day, but with my own twist on it.
i did everything the same as she did, but instead of eggplant used squash and zucchini.
and i also had a spinach, tomato, and avocado side salad with balsamic vinegariette.
it looked really pretty.
i wanted to take a picture, but i didn't have my camera on me.
i definitely want to start cooking like this more often.

what's your favorite recipe?


  1. i'm the same way gym-wise. easing myself in, not working out hardcore so i won't get burnt out :)

    your dinner sounds so good!

  2. stumbled across you're blog, and it's really good :) i enjoyed reading this, although now i feel nosey as i'm a complete stranger.. aha
    i'll follow :) as i'm on a hunt for friends on this blogger m'larky!

    as for favourite recipe, can never go wrong in my eyes with a good sunday roast!
    shona. :)xx

  3. you make me hungry!

    the easing in to working out idea is a good one--i always go hardcore for like a week and then i'm done. i should probably follow you're example.

  4. oh gosh, I have too many favorite recipes...but since the col weather has gotten the best of us, I've been making "cowboy chili" and it's perfect on a "chilly" day. HA.

    I just started exercising again, and I agree...I love the way it makes me feel, I just hope I can keep it up!


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