Friday, January 15, 2010

7 things about me!

i was tagged by danielle from dinosaur toes to do the 7 things about me post.
i've loved reading the other ones that have been floating around, so i'm pretty excited to share mine.
let's get started:

1. i love to paint. i picked it up a few months ago and i just can't get enough now.
i've only ever sold two pieces, so i have a bunch just laying around.
i have an etsy, but as of yet, it's never gotten any love.

these are my latest pieces. the picture quality obviously isn't the best, i apologize.
the first one says : "wishes come true" at the bottom.
the second one: "all for you."
and the last one has: "beat, beat, beat, beat." written across.

2. i play poker.
josh plays a lot and that's what he wants to do for a career: professional poker player.
i started playing to take interest in his main passion, but it has become something i really like, too.
i'm definitely not great, but i'm pretty good for the level i'm at.
i usually cash in 9 person games.
and i've made the final tables a few times in 90 and 45 person tournaments.
one of my best games and accomplishments was the time i played in a 50,000 person tournament, and i placed like,
2,000 something.
it's fun!

3. pee-wee's big adventure is my favorite movie.
i could watch it everyday and not get bored.
maybe even multiple times in a day. (i have before.)

4. i plan to be a children's book author.
when i think of what i want to do with my future, it's the only thing i feel really strongly about.
i just need to take the time and actually put myself to work.
i've been a little lazy!
josh and i talked about this last night, and he's promised to push and encourage me to write.

5. i love sleeping with the tv on.
for some reason it's just comforting to me, or something.

6. when i was little i had a pet pig named arnold. he was my best friend.
he lived in the house, and slept with me, and everything.
i have a distinct memory of us falling out of the bed one time, and being all tangled up in the sheets together.
he was so cute and fun.
pigs really are the sweetest. josh promised i can get one after we're married. :)

7. my biggest pet peeve is when people make a lot of noise when they eat.
with their chewing and all that.
and also if they think something is good, and keep on being like, "mmmm. oh this is soooo good. mmmm."
that makes me want to puke.
and if people like, keep scraping the bottom of the bowl or their plate, as if more food will appear.

so, that's my seven things about me. :)

i'd like to tag:

and i'm only tagging five because most of the other people i would tag have already done it.
(i need more blog friends.)


  1. these are so unique!.. and i completely agree with #7

  2. #3, I LOOOOOVE that movie! My brother and I used to watch that and Mannequin every single day during summer break.

    #5, I also sleep with the TV on. My husband hates it, but background noise not only helps me fall asleep, but it makes me sleep better than when there's silence. Weird.

  3. danielle- i'm glad i'm not alone in the love for P.W. i'm usually teased. :)

    celeste- thanks, girl! :)

  4. that's so rad that you had a pet pig! i've always wanted a little pot belly pig. don't think our dog would love it if we had one though.

    oh...and i also hate when people chew loudly while eating. bummer for me, my husband is one of them :(.

  5. lauren- so is my boyfriend! he's always getting the death glare. :)
    when we get a pet pig, i want to get the pig and the puppy at the same time. so they love each other, and don't know any different. :)

  6. i love all of your answers!

    i love pigs.
    i had the soundtrack to pee wee's playhouse and listened to it over and over and over again... i loved the movie too but could only watch it at my dad's house since my mom 'didn't want pee wee in her home'
    i hate hate hate when people smack... chew loudly... or make any weird or gross sound at all while eating.... i can't stand it! my son has a teeny tiny mouth and he is the WORST! the hus and i are always telling him to take smaller bites so that he doesn't make nasty sounds... ugh. love that kid though.
    glad you did this.... it's so fun!

  7. kassi- aww! poor kid. ha, god love him. :)

  8. i learned to do simple crochet stuff from youtube videos. i have a crochet book, and have been thinking about cracking it open to learn how to make more than just granny squares, but i haven't yet :).

    the youtube videos i watched were linked on the rva blog, and smile and wave.

    hope that helped a little! keep at it!!

  9. ur cute! i love pee wee so much!!!!
    i watched him every morning as a child but i still love him!!!
    and that luagh!
    i like your paintings! keep it up!
    poker...i cant play but my friend plays online poker. i cant reveal who.
    ew i hate noisy eaters AHHHHHHHH!
    fun post!!!

  10. You seem so fun!
    #6 is my favorite- -that is such a beautiful memory to keep with you!



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