Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a little bit of an update.

so far, my plan to workout regularly and take better care of myself is going pretty well.
i haven't actually done anything to my diet much yet, but it's definitely improved.
and the working out is going to go well. i can just tell; i have really good feelings about it.
leah joined me and got a membership to the gym on monday.
so i'll have someone to push me and encourage me, whenever she's around.

on monday night, i stayed over with my friends leah and carrie.
carrie is from here, but moved to sweden about a year ago to live with her boyfriend, jacob.
it was so great to see her and spend time with her.
she's been one of my best friends since we were 7 years old. :)
we made brownies and watched the movie "adam."
and we also had lots of girl talk.
i love her and missed her.
so fun!

yesterday i had to go have a nuclear ultrasound.
it was really weird and was the longest thing ever.
but today they called and everything came back negative.
so, i guess that's good....
but now i have to go back to the doctor for a new test:
they have to stick a camera/light down my throat into my stomach.
can't wait!

last night, josh and i made dinner together.
sort of...ha.
we usually make tacos, but last time we did, i was sick of them.
so this time, we made velveeta cheese and shells.
and i made steamed vegetables as my side.
and he had pizza as his.
i swear it is all he eats.

i start back to school and work next week.
not really sure how i'm feeling about this yet.
but, i've decided that i'm just going to take classes that i want to take and that i'll enjoy.
not what i feel like i have to take.
i'm taking an art class, and tomorrow i'm going to sign up for a couple of business classes.
and i don't know what else yet.
i just think this is the best way to figure out what i really want to do, career-wise.

how did you ladies figure out what you wanted to do?
what made you decide!


also! chloe is doing a really neat giveaway of some of her awesome work.
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  1. you are such a sweetheart! i am so glad you found my blog because i just read this post and fell in love! you are such a great writer and your blog is refreshing! i love it! we used to always have taco night, but i got kind of sick of them too! maybe i should try something new!

    oh and i hope your stomach is okay! all of those tests sound scary! love your blog lydia! you are so adorable! you made my day :)

  2. awww! thanks so much for sending me that link! i just checked out her sweet blog! she is amazing! so are you!

  3. I figured out what I wanted to do because i had basically went through everything else and this felt like the only thing i could take a million classes about and never hate it. i've wanted to be a disney animator, a missionary, a social worker, a stylist, a high school english teacher, a music journalist, and i'm now finally sticking to lit teacher or professor (haven't decided about how far i want to go with it--phds are soooo much work..and money!).

    thankfully, this is the perfect time for you to be taking different classes and finding the path you really love. I'm still interested in other things, and consider taking a class or two when i don't have such a hectic schedule. I think it's great that you're exploring so many different areas before deciding on just one.

    keep up the awesome job--you and your "on-top-of-things" ness are inspiring to me :).


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