Monday, January 11, 2010

S U N D A Y !

yesterday was a really nice day.
and i'm very happy about it. :)

i went back to my church.
and i actually liked it and felt happy being there.
i was pleasantly surprised, and i intend to continue going there up until josh and i leave.
josh is even going to start going with me next week, which i'm very happy about. :)

also, i went to the gym with my mom, tori, and paul.
it was way fun, and i loved working out!
my little brother was so funny and cute on all the machines, because he is so small.
he was making me laugh the whole time. :)
i had a pretty good workout: 3 miles on the bike and 2 miles speed walking on the treadmill.
it felt really nice and i'm so excited to continue on this journey.

after i worked out, i went to jcpenneys to try and find some new jeans.
i'm usually not a fan of their selection, but i was given a gift card to the store and i'm in desperate need.
there's not really anywhere else in the town to shop for them either, if you're on a pretty tight budget.
i was so happy when i got there and before my eyes were levis!
(they had stopped carrying them here for a long time, for whatever reason.)
so i found this totally perfect pair and was in and out of there in a flash. :)

when josh got to my house we went to town and rented some tv shows.
then, we went to kroger to pick up a few things.
and after decided to go to applebees, where josh's iphone fell out of his pocket and is now totally shattered.
poor whale.
he thinks he is going to tell the apple store that he fell asleep with it in his pocket.
and when he woke up that was just how it was.
now, i don't really condone him lying or anything...
but, basically i want him to tell them this because it is a completely ridiculous thing.
and i think it's really amusing that he thinks this will even remotely work.
god love him.

(i don't know why i'm sad. but he's cute!)


  1. his iphone lie is hilarious. i'd love to see the customer service rep's face when he tells that story.

    yay for unexpected good finds!

  2. im sorry! that sucks! Jacob had his nano in his back pocket and he saat down and it shattered. that shouldnt happen:(
    but goodluck on getting a new one! those babies are expensive!


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