Sunday, January 10, 2010

last night, i found myself with another real reason to go out--thank goodness.
originally, josh and i were going to dinner with matt and trey.
and then, i invited leah along.
apparently, this was "weird."
(but what is actually weird is boys. yeah, i mean you, mister.)
but that is completely okay!
because leah and i went out to dinner, just the two of us, and had some girl time.
we went to las margaritas (las mas), which is pretty much a staple around here.
whenever i go, i always get the same thing:
shrimp chimichanga!
but i decided to shake things up a little last night, and i got the "yoli's special."
which was breaded and lightly fried tilapia w/ mexican rice, avocados, lime, and side garden vegetables.
it was fine at best.
but, i'm glad i tried something new!

leah has been my best friend since our freshman year of high school.
we don't really see a lot of each other these days, and i really hate that.
it's something i definitely want to change.
we need to get as much quality time in as possible this year, while we're both still here.

josh spent today at his parent's house working on booking and poker.
so i had some alone time.
it was a pretty productive day....
i finished up a disc of mad men, 90210, and watched some friends.
i briefly fell asleep.
(my sleep schedule is all out of whack, and it is so terrible.)
i ate some cinnamon life.
that's all.
just kidding! onto the productive parts:
a new idea for a children's book/series popped into my head.
i'm going to start trying to develop it a lot more, hopefully, over the course of this next week.
it's my last week of vacation, so i'll have plenty of time.
and today i also filled out two applications on my new job search.
one for Hibbett Sports, a sporting goods store.
and the other for Hastings, an entertainment store.
i definitely won't quit my current job until i have something new secured, but i'm still incredibly nervous!
i've been at the same job for close to three years now.
and i've never had another job before.
it all feels so new to me, and it's a little out of my comfort zone.
but it's really important to me.
finding a new job is part of my quest for eliminating negativity.
it has to be done!

i hope everyone has the best week.


  1. Aw--I hope your job search goes well! It's always scary to go to new jobs/interviews, but just be confident in yourself and it will make it sooo much easier!!


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