Friday, January 8, 2010

first of all, i really loved everyone's sweet, sweet comments on my last post.
they were all super encouraging and kind. :)
and once we're "officially" engaged, i can't wait to share every step of the way. :)


last night, i began watching "mad men."

it's official: i'm in love.
everything about it is so interesting to me; the fashion, style, story...all of it!
i think i'm pretty much the last person on the planet to get in on this action, but just in case i'm not...
i'll suggest that everyone at least give it a shot.


last night, something really embarrassing happened to me.
now you have to know that nothing like this has ever happened before.
i just don't know what came over me!
i'll get to the point:
things started out with me being silly to josh, pretending i had an elephant trunk.
then i said, "dumbo is a sad movie."
josh asked me, "why?"
then it began.
i started tearing up the hardest ever!
josh of course thought this was simply the funniest thing on the planet, and he just kept yelling, "please start crying!"
i kept trying to tell him why it was so sad, but every time i tried, i just kept crying more!

the video explains it all.


in other news, i can't believe i just cleaned my room like, two days ago.
and now i need to clean it again.
what the heck is my problem?!


  1. that part of dumbo ALWAYS makes me cry. dont worry, youre not the only one

  2. thanks for making me cry at work!!

  3. You're not the last person on the planet to watch Mad Men...I've never seen it! Also, Dumbo really is sad. On a happier note, my little brother was called Dumbo a few times, but luckily he grew into his ears!

  4. thank you for the very nice comment!! that video is so sad! but classic of course.


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