Monday, January 4, 2010

a day out.

other than doctor visits and my brief "adventure" last night, i haven't really left the house in a little over a week.
i'd say it's definitely time.
josh has a show a couple of hours away today, so i'm going with him to that.
it won't be the most exciting thing, but at least it's a chance to get out and about.
can't complain!

last night, leah and i were discussing my hopefully soon to be happening engagement/wedding.
i was telling her what kind of ring i really like, and i said that i hope that it's the style i'll get.
so, as a joke-kind of-mostly-sort of-but a little serious, i put the picture of the ring as my desktop.
josh just thought it was funny, but he told me to leave it there. so we'll see. :)

today was my first day of attempting my goal to try harder with my appearance and be a little bit more girly.
it is a struggle. :)
i have such a hard time with my hair! it seems to be really damaged. i think i'm going to lay off using heat on it for awhile, except on drying my bangs, and get some sort of repairing shampoo and conditioner.
other than the hair debacle, today was a success. :)


  1. i find dressing girly to be quite the challenge, as well. and that is a beautiful ring!

  2. ooh, very pretty rings.

    i love your new banner--you look so cute!!

    operation girlyfy isnnt going awesome for me so far. but i blame the fact that i chose to do a workout right before coming to work, so i only had time to do the bare essentials.

    but we will press on :).

  3. That's identical to my engagement ring :-)

    Such a cute blog you have, now following!


  4. you look sooo cute in your banner!

    Pretty ring! And what an exciting time for you!!!

  5. getting engaged is one of the most exciting things!
    take it all in and write down everything your feeling so you can look back and remember:)

  6. oh gosh i love the ring. this is so exciting. you don't know how happy you will be once you get engaged. it is the most thrilling experience i have ever felt!


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