Monday, January 4, 2010

7 am.

it is 7 in the morning and i am not a happy camper.
this is because i didn't get to bed til a little after three.

yesterday, i finally started feeling better.
so i decided it was definitely time to clean my room.
(actually, it was more like late last night my mom told me that my grandpa is coming at 9am to fix my overhead light.)
i got the motivation to clean tho, so i really can't complain, and now my bedroom is beautiful.

josh didn't get over here until like, 12:30 am.
then we talked a little bit.
and then we went to huddle house to eat.
and after that we went to walmart.
and we both had to go to the bathroom, so we raced there. but it was actually more like josh yelled, "let's race!"
but i was the only one of us that did it. loser. (him, not me.)

he took a really long time looking at a computer.
almost bought it, then changed his mind.

the only reason i let this all slide is because he bought me the martha stewart weddings magazine. :)

when we got back to my house, we layed down and talked about really weird stuff.
and i kept being really strange and silly, probably because i was tired.
and so i finally went to bed.
but my family woke me up at 7 am.
and that is less than three hours of sleep.

sad day.
but it will get better!


  1. I hate feeling like that. anytime I don't get enough sleep I'm a zombie the next day. Hope your day gets better! You could always sneak in a nap or two lol.

    drink some coffee!


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