Saturday, December 26, 2009

my christmas day.

my christmas was really nice.
and i hope yours was, too. :)

i got neat gifts from my parents and grandparents.
and later that morning, my other grandma and uncle came over, and josh too, for our annual christmas brunch.
it was fun!
(except for the part where i dropped a stuffed mushroom down my shirt. that part wasn't so great.)

i baked the cookies for josh's parents, but my candy cane cookies didn't turn out. :(
i'm no martha.
josh said that he thinks i didn't mix the dough long enough.
so instead of the candy canes, i just made regular style cookies with the dough, but they were peppermint flavored.
and there were some cute frosting designs.

after my house, josh and i went to his parent's.
they got me a toms gift certificate.
(i purchased my black toms last night after i got home. excited!)
and we watched a lot of judge shows.
and ate tacos and this stuff his family calls "crap."
it was a fun time.
i'm looking forward to my green post later this week.
josh's birthday.
our 8 month.
my last week of work before vacation.
so many things!

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