Friday, December 25, 2009

i'm so bad at titles.

my christmas eve started out pretty so-so.
but, i can't complain or anything.
while i was at work, it didn't even feel like christmas at all.
it was rather warm outside, for the season, and very, very rainy.
and there wasn't much holiday cheer going around.
and honestly, i can't say that i was really trying to contribute.
that sounds so terrible!
but, i felt super sick for some reason. i was sneezing my head off and getting headaches.
i was not about all that.

i ended up leaving work early.
i came home and accidentally fell asleep for a bit.
my family thought i was working and went to the christmas service sans me.
that's okay, tho.
i went over to my grandma's and visited with her for awhile and opened my gifts from her.
all very cute and sweet.
she knows i like teapots, so she got me a miniature santa tea set. it was very cute.
i ate and talked with her for awhile, then came home to meet josh.
we sat around and took silly photos for awhile.
i will share some. we are really weird, tho. just a warning.

this is a face i have to make all the time for josh. it makes him laugh so hard.
i have no idea why.

this face is a running joke between us and our friend matt boyd.
it'd take forever to explain.
and is only funny to the three of us.

we are serious.


after we were silly for awhile, we went to see denny, gennifer, and bella.
it was a really fun time. josh was feeling pretty yucky, but he was a major trooper and visited for awhile. it was real nice.
bella is growing up crazy fast.
i wish i'd taken pictures.
she's really shy, but she kept doing stuff trying to show off and be funny for me.
i kept looking at josh, and he would say, "quit eyeing me as a father." ha.

after i got home, i started on the cookies for josh's parents.
they're very cute so far. i didn't bake the actual cookie on these ones. (they're breaknbakes.)
but, i'm doing the decorating. i really like how they're turning out.
tomorrow i'm going to make some of these candy cane shaped sugar cookies i found in a martha stewart magazine.
i hope i can get them just as lovely.

i'm so excited for tomorrow!
i think i'm going to go and lay down now, and watch some "home alone" as i head to sleep.

merry christmas!


  1. Hahahaha fun posts! The second picture is really funny and the last one is so sweet. I hope you have a great xmas!

    x Birgit


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