Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas eve!

yayyy! i got my card from chelsey in the mail.
i was super excited for it. :)
the perfect start to my holiday.
what a sweet girl!

so, i actually fell asleep at a semi-decent-not really-but bearable time last night.
and now, i'm up and ready to take this day.
i'm really hoping that people will be cheery in light of the fact that today is Christmas Eve.
but, sadly, that's not usually how it goes.
despite this, i plan to take this day on with a smile and happiness and kindness towards all. (even the scrooges! they need it most.)

merry christmas!

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  1. oh yay! i was worried that nobody would get them until after christmas!

    oh goodness, i love home alone. i'll probably be watching it christmas morning before i go to work:).


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