Monday, December 21, 2009


yesterday i mentioned my excitement over the fact that today just so happens to be "tattoo day."
sadly, today is now dubbed "not tattoo day."
apparently, the artist had a mix up, and thought that josh meant january 21st.
so we should be going january 10th now.
i suppose this just gives me more time to be sure.
originally i wanted one of my favorite quotes tattooed on my feet.
"go, girl; seek happy nights to happy days."
then, i was thinking that i want a feather somewhere.
maybe with this extra time i have i can decide which one i want at this point in time, for sure.
eventually i will definitely have both, though.

this was some of my feather inspiration:


  1. i love the top and bottom pictures the most--so pretty!

    sorry you have to wait for your ink! i'm sure that's super frustrating, but at least you get more time to decide :).

  2. i love the feather idea. i actually really like the one on the collar bone. it's an easy place to cover up or show depending on the situation. most tattoos require you to either flash a lot of skin to show it off or are always in plain sight. that's a perfect place for a tattoo.

    also...thank you for popping over to my blog and commenting AND following. i'm off to peruse more of your blog :).

  3. that stinks!!!! i know how it feels to be waiting for something and get so excited and then...mix up!
    i have a feather tattoo on my bicep. My husbnad is getting the same one. and when we have kids we will get smaller feathers trickling down our arms.
    the collar bone and back are so dainty. i like katies placement too.


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