Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i mentioned i was on a "lost" kick.
well, i'm to the point where i only need to watch the last disc of season 3.
but everything is against this happening.
i'm obviously just never meant to see the last three episodes of this season.
my netflix will never load it.
youtube doesn't have it.
and my video rental place is out of it.
and, let's face it, too poor to even consider buying it.

so we rented some other shows to try.
last night we watched the first disc of season one of "nip/tuck."
i really always thought that i would never like it.
but, it seems that i do.

tonight we have the options of: "heroes" season one, "grey's anatomy" season three, or "90210" (the new one) season one. hmm.
speaking of the new's really weird to me that lucille, the mother from "arrested development" is the grandma on this show. it just seems like a really big drop for her. and it's a weird style transition, in my opinion. but, i guess we'll see.

i have been talking way too much about television!

josh and i have made this week: TACO WEEK.
literally every night so far we have either eaten taco bell, or made tacos.
making tacos is the best. josh taught me how. :)
every night should be taco night.

and in other news, i'm attempting to learn html and css.
wish me luck. :)

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  1. thanks for your comment on my blog :) i always make little office references, and i love when people catch on when i don't mention it :) i am so behind on lost!? when i got married i pretty much fell behind on all my tv shows. i am working on getting caught up. slowly but surely! and i think taco week is awesome. best idea ever.


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