Sunday, December 20, 2009

i am currently super wrapped up in season three of "lost."
and i'm loving it!
i love getting into new shows, but i never really watch the actual television anymore.
so, renting/buying seasons on dvd is my thing, but i really love it that way.
next, josh and i need to finish "dexter" season two.
we're also watching "one tree hill" season two right now.
and i really want to try "big love," and "mad men." very excited about those. :)

my family will be taking our christmas picture in about twenty-five minutes.
i'm sure it will be frantic and all that good stuff.
even though things with my family can be super chaotic, obnoxious, and crazy the majority of the time, and especially around the holiday season...i really love it. well, sometimes i do. :)
it's so funny and ridiculous at times, and i value those memories.

tomorrow is tattoo day.
i cannot wait. :)


  1. I just started re-watching Lost!! oooohmygosh so addicted.
    Mad Men is definitely on my "things to watch" list...everyone keeps saying it's the best show ever :]
    And my parents were completely obsessed with Dexter for the longest time, so I really want to watch that too.

    sooooo what tattoo are you getting?

  2. oh man, my manmate LOVES lost. he tries to get me into it, but i havent watched it from the beginning so all i end up doing is asking questions ;).

  3. i really want to watch big love too. one show i really loved watching was called "the rich's". you should google it and read the premise. it's too long to type in a comment, but it was interesting. i think it only lasted 2 seasons...unless another has been put out unbeknownst to me. if it has, let me know!


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