Tuesday, April 22, 2014

guess who's back...back again...

Lyddie's back...tell a friend.

Well. That was embarrassing.
But seriously, tell your friends about my blog and how cool I am, guys.

So, in my absence, guess what I did?

I legitimately created 4 new blogs. Seriously.
"What is wrong with you, Lydia?" If only I knew.

I was like, "Lyds Was Here is so stale. I need something fresh!" So, at first I was going to go a whole new blogging direction. But then I didn't want to be limited. (Unliiiimited!) So I had to start over (logic, hello).
So I did. Then, it was that my blog name was stupid. Can't have that, duh. So, again. And then I was like, "Starting over is hard. And boring."
And here we are...It feels right. Don't you think?

What else?

+ I have an almost 2.5 year old.
+ I have an almost 1 year old.
+ We moved back to our hometown for a few months.
+ We are moving BACK to Springfield in June/July.
+ I've been baking a lot.
+ I've had the most difficult season of my life. No joke.
+ I got a new tattoo.
+ I've been reading a lot.
+ And probably loads of other stuff, because it's been a minute.

Oh. And my "real" computer is currently broken. So, for now, things will be camera phone/no pictures heavy. I hope you can hang. <3>

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