Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ladies who brunch.

I think I've decided I want our family to have a little breakfast/brunch date each weekend. Josh didn't partake today (more croissants and strawberries for us!), but I think it'd just be something nice to do as a family each week, whether we cook at home or go somewhere local (Gailey's, yum!).

On Sunday morning I saw the chocolate chips in the cabinet and suddenly got a craving for chocolate, buttered croissants and strawberries. So, Josh ran out to grab us our two missing ingredients for the best first weekly family brunch ever, while I melted those chocolate chips.

At first, Tatum was only going for the strawberries, but when she tasted the croissants she realized what she was missing out on, and she went to town. She had one in each hand (um, necessary) and finished them both. That's my kinda girl!

So far, family breakfast dates = best idea yet.


  1. I love that she had one in each hand. That's adorable. :)

    1. I know! I was dying. Haha. Thanks, Hannah! : )


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