Tuesday, November 27, 2012

today i am 15 weeks pregnant.

Things of Note:

+ Baby's due date is May 21.

+ I'm obsessed with that picture of him/her. It's so awesome and clear! (9 weeks at the time.)

+ I'm feeling movement now. The first two (that I'm certain of) happened while we were watching a movie. Twice when I went to do a big stretch/yawn, he or she kicked/punched/moved/whatever...very hard. To the point that it actually scared me the first time it happened, which was pretty funny.

+ My "morning" sickness came later this time around, but seems to have subsided now. I'll take it.

+ Back pain like crazy.

+ Heard the HB last week. (163!)

+ We have a girl name for sure and a boy name for pretty sure.

+ Currently, I think it's a girl.

+ So happy, so thankful that everything is going so well!

+ Oh, and obviously everyone says this, but I feel like Tatum is going to be the best big sister of all time. But, duh.


  1. what? did i somehow miss that you were pregnant? congrats! :)

    1. This is my first post about it on the blog! You didn't miss anything. : )
      Thanks, lady!

    2. I felt the same way... I was like wait is this a repost? I actually reloaded to check! and looked at the date too...

      so exciting for you though!

  2. Aww, congratulations!

    And tatum will make an awesome big sister, for sure.

  3. So exciting. I just saw yesterday that you are expecting another! Woo hoo!

    And rates will totally be the best sister ever. Trust.


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