Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I used to blog.

I've been in a mood where I miss blogging lately. But, for the most part, I have nothing to say. So, I don't really want to write a bunch of pointless trash, just for the sake of doing it. You know? I mean, let's be real, that's the worst.

And then, I wanted to write a blog post today, but it felt weird to just jump back in without saying anything whatsoever, after a month of nothing.
I won't apologize, because um, I'm not sorry? But I will say that from now on, you can just count on me to blog whenever I have something to say.

If you want to stick around for those times, I'm so glad.
If you don't, well, that's obviously cool, too.



  1. you're cool, lydia. let's hang out. ;)

    1. you! : )
      and yes, let's, please.
      we are back in town!

  2. I feel this way sometimes, too. I'm soon about to go on a little vacation from blogging and stick to only reading and not writing for a bit.

    1. Exactly what I've done!
      Honestly, it's been kind of nice.

  3. I miss reading you. So it's okay

  4. I will say that I've missed your updates very much, but I understand. I'll be reading whenever there's anything to read!
    Love you SO much.


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