Thursday, October 11, 2012

a match made in heaven.

The piano that came with the apartment has been getting lots of use. Josh enjoys playing...He's been trying to perfect Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles." He's getting there. Every single time he goes to play, Tatum runs over and will stand next to him, grunting, until he picks her up to sit next to him on the bench. She likes to help him play, of course.

It's things like this that really just make my heart so full.
Seeing the two of them together, so just doesn't get any better, ya know?

Before Tatum was born, I wondered, What kind of dad will Josh be? 

The other night, after she had been in bed for a couple of hours, we were looking at some pictures of her. He said, "Sometimes I  see a picture of her, like this one, and it just makes me want to get her up out of bed and play with her."

And there, I have my answer: the best kind. 


  1. This picture is killing me right now. What a beautiful moment! My dad is a jazz pianist and I have pictures of the two of us at the piano (one of us in diapers) and I absolutely cherish those pictures. Musical daddies are the best.

  2. I love this picture, so sweet! We have a piano in our house too and Chloe and my husband love to play on it together!

  3. This post was beautiful. That picture is priceless. Blow that sucker up and frame it.

  4. i love your photographs on your blog!

    lindsey louise


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