Monday, July 9, 2012

thrifted children's books.

The one thing that I always search for when I go thrifting is children's books. I've found so many great
books for Tatum this way! (That's actually where the majority of her books have come from.) It's usually pretty hard to find (for me, at least) newer books, but I don't really mind, because I really love the artwork in most older / vintage children's books.

Since I'm unfamiliar with most of the titles that I see, my method of choosing goes a little something like this: "Oh, that book cover looks cute!"
Yep. All there is to it.

So far, I've liked all of the books we've found. I really hope that when Tatum is a bit older and understands more that she will love them and reading in general, just like her dear ol' mom.
I've always been a reader, ever since I was a little girl, so I'm crossing my fingers that she will love it too.

What's something you always search for, every thrifting trip?
Are you a reader? Are your children readers?

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