Thursday, May 10, 2012

+little happenings.

{This is Tatum's "OMG! Embarrassing!" face.}

+ Sometime last week Tatum and I were playing in the living room. She was being kind of fussy, so I was doing anything I could to keep her entertained.
And by "anthing I could" I mean: jumping up and down, while loudly shouting, "YEAH! OH, OH! YEAHHHH. YAYYY." You know, typical mom stuff...

So, we're basically having the time of our lives, when all of a sudden there comes a knock at the door. Are you kidding me? This was especially great because literally, LITERALLY two seconds before I had thought to myself, "It'd be really awkward if someone came to the door right now." Seriously?

Luckily, Josh was working from home at the time. I ran super fast to grab him to answer the door.
When we came back out, no one was there. It had been the UPS man. You have no idea how glad I was that he had just left, instead of waiting there.

As much as I love Tatum, and will go to great lengths to keep her entertained (clearly), I think I'm going to tone it down a bit from now on.

+ One of my nicknames for Tatum is "Hottie Dottie." (Dottie is short for daughter, duh.) And don't even judge about the whole Hottie thing. It's just something I do, okay? So, anyways, tonight we were hanging out, eating dinner and Josh tried to call Tatum a hottie, too. I was like, "It's kind of weird when you say it..." (Plus, he's always trying to be like me...Back up, Josh.) He decided he's going to call her "Beauty" instead. To which I replied, "She's Beauty and you're The Beast! Because you're big + hairy!" Best wife award, here I come.


+ I've started scrapbooking. And I am so, so into it. This is really weird to me, because this is one of those things that I used to think was so cheesy (kind of is), and I really thought I would never do it. Wrong. I have a pretty good reason to do it now (baby), and that's why I started. It's pretty fun, though! I like having another hobby, other than blogging, that I put my time into. Although, I'm not enjoying how pricey it is for me. Let's just say that it won't be long before the Hobby Lobby employees know me by name...


  1. You honestly have one of the cutest babies i've ever seen! Her little face is just so precious!

  2. You should try digital scrapbooking! It's so cheap, and you don't have to lug out all of your supplies to do a page- just photoshop! :)

    1. I like doing it! The cost can be kind of annoying, but I really enjoy it.
      I don't think I would like digital as much.
      I love having the physical work right in front of me. : )

  3. She is super presh.


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