Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tatum Auden: 5 Months Old.

Height: 26 inches.
Weight: 15.1 pounds.
Head: Big.

I like...

-my dad. I like my mom too, but Dad is just really funny and makes me laugh all the dang time.
-cords. In fact, I love them. Mom tells me everyday, "You're not a guinea pig, you're a girl!"
-using things that aren't real toys as my toys, instead of the actual toys my parents buy me.
(phone cases, water bottles)
-bath time. Yay, cleanliness! I'm pretty slobbery and gross, so it's a good thing I enjoy baths.
-story time with Mom. 

I don't like...

-being bored. I hate it. Keep me entertained, and you're golden.


-I'm done with physical therapy for my head. I have mild brachycephaly, but the doctor says it's nothing worth worrying over and to just keep sleeping on my sides to help it. I don't need a helmet and worst case, I'll have a big dome. It's okay, I'll own it.

I can...

-seal crawl/scoot/backwards scoot. I'm all over the place these days. 
-do yoga. I love downward facing dog! 
-sit up on my own a bit. Sometimes I'm still a little lazy about it, but I'll get there. Right now, I like the half sit position the best.


-We still haven't done the whole solids thing. We're probably going to introduce some this week. YUM.

I'm awesome. The End.


  1. absolutely nothing wrong with big headed babies! gage was always in the 10th percent for size, and the 90th for his head. plus, he has really big ears and not any hair as a baby, so at times he looked more like a baby monkey.

    and you're right. tatum is a total hipser.

    1. big head babies are the best kind of babies! : )

  2. Replies
    1. thanks, rachael! we love you + nico!

  3. She is totally awesome!!! The feet pics are adorable, and she HAS to have a bigger than average head to hold her bigger and smarter than average brain!!! She is just perfect, and you guys are such great parents.

    1. That's a good point, Mom! haha. : )
      Thank you!

  4. So cute!! You make adorable babies!

  5. What is this brachycephaly you speak of? What did I miss?
    She's THE cutest ever.

    1. It's basically just something that means that her head is really wide.
      No big deal, though!

      Thanks, Leels! : )

  6. Her head looks precious to me. Along with her trendy baby leggings.

    What a cutie

  7. Love these updates so much! Can't believe how big she's getting. x

    1. I can't either, Lauren! It's so crazy to me.


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