Friday, April 20, 2012

Insta.this, Insta.that:

// We bought her that play mat (a baby must have!) back in February. She was obsessed with it for a good while, but as you can now see, it is basically useless 'til she has mastered sitting up on her own (the piano can switch positions as the baby ages). She's almost there! // My latest painting. It's probably my favorite piece I've done, ever. I'm really happy with how she's turning out. // A vintage, 1970s cream and sugar set I purchased through Etsy. // Getting ready for bed! //

// The Anthro mug my parents gifted me for my birthday! // Wal-Mart was having a huge sale on what appeared to be every single children's book written about bears, ever. For the record, we only bought one. P.S. I spy a smiley Tatum! // My little whale, playing with her little whale, in baby jail. // Late night runs to the car for forgotten items makes for some pretty cute fashion decisions. Am I right? AM I RIGHT? //

// My new Marc By Marc Jacobs bag. Something I've wanted since I was 13 years old, and I finally took the plunge! // T-Dawg hanging out after we did her 5 month photos. Can't wait to share her update on Monday. She's made major progress! // Oh, you know, just making the goofiest face of all time. She's obsessed with doing that with her mouth right now. // I started a real skin care routine this week and I'm already seeing results. Yes, this picture has a filter on it. (Rise is my BFF.) But this picture was taken after I got ready for the day. Washed face, moisturized, mascara, and this amazing lip balm. (I'll share the name later, I forget it, but it is 100% a staple in my life now.) Yay, hygiene! //

// Since Tatum is at the beginning stages of crawling and she has learned to sit up on her own, I decided to get this huge play mat. Our hardwood floors are just no fun for her to fall over on, so this'll be a major help. Walmart, $20, worth it. // I've really, really been slacking on drinking water lately. I actually ended up with a UTI (TMI!) because of it. BOOO. It sucked way big time. So I'm trying to get back into the habit of drinking more. And by more I mean at least a gallon a day. I've done it for two days now, and I fully intend to keep it up. // Oh my gosh. You guys. Who am I?! I've decided to start Project Life. It's just funny, because I totally didn't think I'd be this excited / into it. But I am! I went to Hobby Lobby and I was like, fangirling all throughout the aisles over all of the scrapbooking tools. It was so ridiculous. But I'm kind of okay with it. // Turn your head for one second and this happens. Yes, people, that is my baby stuck under a chair. (She's not in any harm, just FYI.) Also, she loves wipe bags. //

See you Monday! Have a great weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness, this made me smile for like--forever. This was the best blog ever, and I love all the pics!!! Your painting is spectacular, I love the one with Tatum smiling behind the books, and your new bag is AWESOME, can't wait to see it. PS, Tatum under the chair is totally adorable! That was probably a surprise to look down and see!

    1. This was such a nice thing to read, Mom! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. : )
      It was definitely a surprise finding Tatum there. It was so funny!

  2. Tatum is SO cute.
    I've wanted a Marc Jacobs bag forever as well!! I'm still hesitant to take the plunge, but gosh I want one!
    Also, what skin care routine are you starting? you're skin looks really good, and I'm looking for a new one :)

    1. Thank you! : )

      I would totally recommend his bags.
      Mine is beautiful.
      I'd never really messed with a designer bag before, but the difference in quality (IMO), is crazy!

      I'm thinking about doing a post on it soon. Look out for it. : )


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