Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bettering Myself.

Lately I've been up to...oh, basically nothing. Here is what my day to day looks like:

+ Hanging out with Tatum.
+ Talking with my mom group basically all day long on Facebook.
+ Blog stuff.
+ Watching tv.

Um, I can't even stand how terrible and boring that is. I mean, besides talking to my mom friends, because that's super fun...but still, I'm just being so lazy and unproductive.
So, a couple of days ago I decided that I'm going to pull back from the group just a bit and spend more time on some fun activities.

I'm going to be reading more. I'm finally going to learn to sew. And I'm learning crochet again!

Here is the evidence of me trying to not suck anymore:

{Please note: The walls were this color in our bedroom when we moved in. We never painted them.}

BAM. Potholder.


  1. AWESOME! You did a great job on that, the rows are so straight!

    1. Thanks, Mom! I still have a lot of learning to do!
      It isn't finished properly. I just tied a knot at the end so it can't come undone easily, haha. : )

  2. haha! i love the honesty in the this post. kind of reminds me of my days at home. it's that horrible angst of wanting to do everything and nothing all at the same time.

    my crochet stuff is in my bag today. WILL. TEACH. MYSELF. AGAIN.

    happy wednesday friend!

    1. exactly! you nailed it right on the head, nicole. haha.
      good luck on learning crochet too!
      it's fun and relaxing, huh?

  3. awesome potholder!!!!

    and nothing wrong with a little chillaxing once in a while ;)

    btw check out this girl's blog !! I think you'd like it
    I love her blog!!

    1. thanks, girl!

      i really like her blog! so cute.
      thanks for the recommendation, tori. : )

  4. sounds like my days lately. I like to blame that weather but who am I kidding.

    I am teaching myself to sew too, g'luck & nice potholder!

  5. haha i love teaching people about facebook. and i love the new header darling!!


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