Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Pig Surprise.

If you had to guess which of us was more impulsive, me or Josh, who would you choose? I think the people who know us in "real life" would think that it was me. But they would be wrong. Oh-so-wrong. I actually think that for the most part, I am pretty level-headed. Josh is too, but sometimes I have to be his voice of reason.

But sometimes the voice of reason is sleeping and cannot do her job. Sigh.

A few days ago, I was laying in bed. I had just woken up and was being lazy, not wanting to get out from under the covers. I could hear Josh walking to the bedroom, so I rolled over. He opened the door and was being really, really weird. I cannot even accurately describe his behavior...He was laughing like a crazy person and just kept saying, "I did a bad thing!" So, naturally, I'm freaking out like, "Oh my gosh! What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO."

"I bought...I BOUGHT A PIG."

"No, you didn't! Oh my gosh, no you didn't!" He did.

I ran out to the living room, and sure enough, there she was. A little, tiny grey + pink pig. She was the cutest thing in the world. But, I knew we couldn't keep her. In fact, Josh had just encouraged me a few days previous to find a new home for the kitten we'd found, because it wouldn't be easy to travel, stay with family, move with her next her.

Apparently in his book pigs are a different story? I don't know.

I really wanted so badly to keep this little pig. I even had a list of possible names going! I had a pet pig when I was little (Arnold!) and had wanted another one for years + years. (Rip my heart out, why don't ya, Josh?!) But this was so not the right time to introduce a little pig into our family. (Even though it would have been really super cute for Tatum to have a miniature pig BFF named Petunia. Or Penelope.)

I would definitely recommend a pig for a pet, though. They're super sweet. This particular little lady loved belly rubs. : )

We definitely plan on getting one after we've found a place to call home for a few years. : )


  1. WOW, that was a cute little piggy!!! How sweet! Must say, I'm glad you are not keeping it, but can definitely see the temptation.

  2. how adorable and crazy! I love this <3

  3. mom- why are you "glad?"

    madison- i know! me too. : )

  4. Ship it over to Scotland and I'll have it! x

  5. Lauren- aww, wish i could, lady! she already has a new home. : )

  6. she's the prettiest pig--I'm bummed you guys couldn't keep her (but agree with you--it was the right decision). I've been wanting a pig for six months, so this post just made my heart all happy.

  7. LOL this story is hilarious. I love your mom's comment too hahaha.

  8. Haha I laughed out loud imaginging him laughing and saying he did a bad thing! That is SUPER impulsive to randomly buy a pet pig, but definitely awesome. I've always been curious about having a pig in the house for a pet. Can you potty train them?

  9. chelsey- you should SO get one! they are the best. : )

    liz- i'm glad you liked it! haha. my mom, sighhhh. haha. i love her!

    jamie- you can potty train them! they are easily litter trained. : )

  10. oh my gosh!!! i love! i saw a pig at the fair this year and decided i needed one. my husband said no. i'm def more impulsive. and usually lose. however, i have been known to waltz home with a few animals without asking permission first. =] she's adorable and i am going to surprise my husband with one ASAP.

    i hope you can get another, soon!

  11. I just meant that with you guys wanting to travel a bit, having a little piggy might throw a monkey wrench into it! Honestly, I was tempted to see if Dad would let US take her! haha...he of course would say no....

  12. Eeek! Is that a micro piglet? I have wanted one forever! Maybe I can talk my husband into it!!!!!!!!!!! Email me:


  13. CUTE!! Lucky! I had a pig named Patsy and a little Vietnamese pot-belly called Gutsy, and they were so great. They're such loving little tubs.


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