Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Fashion Week, Day Two.

Today has been a pretty lovely day! 

We went to church this morning and had a really nice time. We've only been to this church one other time so far, but I really enjoy going there and hope that it's a place we can set some roots in.

After church, I went to the mall to return some shirts I bought for Josh for Christmas. They were too small + he didn't like one of them. How do I know this? Oh, just because I suck at shopping early for Christmas. This is the SECOND time I have purchased him early gifts this year + ended up giving them to him, because I was too excited. 
I also bought a cute new coat, crochet headband/ear warmer, fingerless gloves, and a big, chunky scarf. Getting all prepped for colder weather! 

After shopping, we went out to dinner. Cici's Pizza. FANCY. It was fun, though! : ) While we were out eating I got a call inquiring about wedding photography. I'm hoping I'll be able to do it!
And tomorrow, I have a meeting with a restaurant downtown for them to review my art and see if they'd like to display any. Which means I will be a busy little painting bee tonight!

cardigan: Forever 21. /// dress: pacsun.

Don't mind the fact that my lower half didn't make an appearance. I'm not wearing pants. Just kidding! That'd be weird. But I'm wearing the same jeans I always wear. (I only have one pair. Whatever.) So I figured we would be fine without them in the photo today. If you miss them too much, I'm sure they'll be with us tomorrow.

I'm so excited that this dress fits! I didn't bother trying it on, which in retrospect was kind of dumb. But it fits! So I don't care. And how great is that chevron pattern cardigan? New favorite! 

Are you participating in FFW? Let me know!


  1. You look great and I love that dress. I know what you mean about the pants, I had one pair of "dress pants" and one pair of jeans when I was pregnant. I just couldn't see paying that much money for something I would only wear for a few months. (Especially since I wasn't guaranteed they'd fit a second time around).

  2. you are so adorable!! And I LOVE that sweater. Great colors, fit, and print!!

  3. You look so cute! I love that cardigan!

  4. You are gorgeous! I love that sweater. So cute for the transition to fall.

  5. SO adorable, love the birds and chevron. I would never have thought to pair them but they look great together!

  6. Girl, I only have one pair of maternity pants too! I wear them just about everyday. ha. When they are in the wash I walk around the house in a t shirt and underwear. I know. Great mental picture. You are looking so lovely! So so pretty and happy.

  7. Lillian- Thank you! And I feel the same way!

    Emery- Thank you! I really appreciate it. Thanks for hosting such a fun blogging event. : )

    Manda- Thank you! : )

    Deanna- Right?! Thanks, girl!

    E- Thank you so much!

    Autumn- Thank you! You're sweet!

    Peace- You are so nice! Thank you! : )

    Amy- I'm glad I'm not alone! haha. Thanks, girl! : )

  8. This is adorable!! I love the print on your top! And You have the cutest dimples!!

  9. So cute! You should have given the pregnant me some style advice. I think I wore the same four shirts throughout my entire pregnancy! Wowza.


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