Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Fashion Week, Day 3.

I'm super hoping I'll be able to sneak this post in to the link up just in the knick of time! As I'm writing this, I have yet to take my outfit photos, though. And Josh isn't home. So we'll see what happens! To save time, I figured I'd go ahead and write the post. : )


Today I was supposed to have a meeting with a restaurant downtown, for them to review my art and see if they would be interested in displaying pieces in their restaurant + selling them. We went to the restaurant, but there was no one there. Luckily it's only like a two minute drive from my house. (Which also means that Red Velvet, Decades, Wild Honey + some other cute shops are only two minutes from me! Who knew!) So, I didn't get an answer today. But instead of going back and possibly not meeting again, I told them I'd just email them photos. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon! Crossing my fingers that it is a style that they'll be interested in. 

Speaking of my art, I plan on re-opening my old Etsy shop soon. I'm excited! And I hope you will be, too. : )

{i'm holding Rilo in these pictures...not that you can tell.}

I'm also breaking my way into the world of cookie baking/decorating. I have no idea why. One night, I was browsing Pinterest, and I just had this overwhelming urge to start. I think it'll be really fun! If it's something I'm good at I might even try baking for parties and things. I'm basically into doing anything fun that can earn us some extra income!

// cardigan: Forever 21 // shirt: Forever 21 // maxi dress: Target Maternity // clutch: Forever 21
// kitten: the streets //

I really liked this outfit. Yeah, it's pretty basic...BUT. It was super comfortable for me! And being pregnant, that's obviously really important. And I also liked that it was a way to break from my monotonous jeans routine. The skirt I'm wearing is actually a dress (maternity maxi!).
It actually wasn't very chilly today, but wearing the sweater made me feel a little more comfortable with the look. And I totally love the glittery, gold striped sweater. I think it'll be a pretty piece for around the holidays! : ) Lastly, how great is that clutch?

Also, I know I'm looking totally rough in these photos, but we took them after having basically the scariest night of our lives. So. Forgive me.

Be sure to let me know if you're participating! I want to see what you're wearing. : )

Oh, P.S. ! We totally found the cutest little kitten this evening! We were driving home and we drove past her on the sidewalk. I told Josh to go back. I ALWAYS think we see kittens. But it usually turns out to be something, a weed. Or plastic bag. Or a styrofoam cup. (All of these things have actually happened. Please don't even ask about the time I thought a dirty window spot was a puppy.) But this time! It really was a little kitten. She is just precious. I'm pretty sure I'm naming her Rilo. Josh wouldn't let me use it for Tatum's middle I will just use it for a pet.

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  1. You are truly the most adorable pregnant girl in the world! You look fabulous in the pics, and I LOVE your fashion sense! Totally adorable kitten, too!

  2. very cute!! i absolutely LIVED in my long black maxi skirt/dress when I was pregnant with my third. The only way to go! :)

  3. Your smile is absolutely the cutest! It's my favorite part of your outfit. :D

  4. Ok. You are way too adorbs. I am so jealous. You are looking so cute... I am looking homelier and homelier with each passing week ha ha ha. What's this about the scariest night of your life!? I'm assuming you and baby are ok! Glad you saved a kitten. :)


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