Sunday, August 28, 2011

29 Weeks + A New Home.

Why are Josh and I so weird? You know how we just moved back to Springfield? Got an apartment, settled in? Well, we're moving! We're not leaving Springfield, just moving into an actual house. We looked at three. The first two were these really cute / neat old houses that I totally fell in love with. (We're talking 1930s Sears Roebuck homes.) Josh wasn't as into them, though. Reason being that he didn't feel that as renters, the things that come with an old house would be worth it. I was pretty much, um, bummed.

Then, on Saturday, we went to look at another house. As soon as we walked in, I had a feeling that as long as everything worked out with the owner, we would be getting this one. (Josh told me that he'd thought the same.) Luckily, everything worked out! And so easily. We're even able to paint, which makes me so happy, because it's like we get to make it a little more our own. Love.

Our apartment is giving us a bit of a hassle (despite their 30 day trial period, which we're still in) which is pretty annoying. We're actually going to have to pay rent for the house and apartment for the month of September...So, yeah, that kind of...blows. But, in the end, it's much better that we get this house!
We should be moving in next week. Can't wait.


{her precious little peacoat.}

So, 29 weeks. Almost 30. I cannot believe how fast it's going by! I know I say that every week, but it's totally true. 

For the most part, I've had a pretty good handle on the gestational diabetes. It's been a little tough at times, but it's getting easier. 

I think Tatum is starting to live in limited space. I'm no longer feeling many kicks + punches. For the most part, I'm really only feeling lots of actual moving these days. Like, rolls and flops, that are SUPER strong. Sometimes they're actually kind of overwhelming. But I love it. (She did one today that kind of hurt, though!) 

Today Josh and I went out to lunch, and I said that it was weird that we wouldn't have too many more of these "just us" dates before we had a little third wheel hanging around. Ol' ball + chain. 
I think I'm okay with that. : )

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  1. oh how beautiful!!! i follow you! <3

  2. you look great. i LOVED being pregnant (just had my little guy at the end of july). hope you are enjoying it!

  3. So exciting about moving into a house! yay! You are looking GREAT! :) and yes, enjoy those remaining "just the two of you moments" with the hubs. They will be few and far between after you bring your precious Tatum into the world. As I am sure you are aware. :) YOU ARE GETTING SO CLOSE! 30 weeks! Woo hoo (saw your facebook post today)... I'm going to be honest and say I am completely jealous because I will just be 27 weeks this Thursday. ANYWAY! I got long winded. Later.

  4. Limasim- thank you, dear! : )

    Bridget- thank you! : ) i do love it! there are little things that i wouldn't have minded if they'd skipped me, but it's totally worth it for the little lady i get in exchange. your baby boy is the cutest thing! : )

    Amy- i know! i couldn't be happier about it. thank you for the sweet words! : ) i think you're looking good too! 27 weeks isn't that far behind, girl!

  5. I can't wait to see how your new house looks like :) Hope you will share that with us!

  6. marina- i'll definitely be sharing! i'm actually planning a series on it. : )

  7. Love those acid washed jeans. They look different (better) than typical acid washed pairs.
    strawberry freckleface


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