Thursday, March 10, 2011

hi, i've missed you. {little thoughts}

--ever since we got back to poplar bluff, i've been in this HUGE funk. hence, the whole no blogging deal. also contributing to this is the fact that i can't really write a blog post from my parents' house. well, i can, but like this one...they'd all be pictureless posts. which i'm totally not a fan of, and i'm aware most of you aren't, either. but, hopefully for this one little'll be okay. i'm hoping to get back into a better blogging schedule quickly. :)

because i totally miss it.

--the hubs left today for florida for two weeks. TWO. WHOLE. WEEKS. there was an absurd amount of tears. from him. (haha. totally kidding.) this is the longest josh and i have ever been apart in almost two years. and it feels so weird for him to be gone.

--i found this vintage minnesota vikings t-shirt and it's basically all i wear these days. is that weird? probably. OH WELL.

--every time i watch "little monsters" i can't stop thinking about Bugles, like the chips...because maurice's horns totally look like Bugles.

--josh and i have some really cool, exciting stuff happening. wanna know what it is? you'll just have to wait and seeeeee.

--busy bee lauren has asked me to paint a picture of her and ted. and i'm totally excited! this is like, my first REAL work. big moment for me!

so, that's basically my life right now. well...that...and lots of television. okay, bye. LOVES.


  1. TWO WEEKS??? um, i would die. mostly cause i cant sleep home alone.

  2. so fun working on the painting. good luck. and stinks to be away from a loved one. ( my husband and i are apart too much. )

  3. so fun working on the painting. good luck. and stinks to be away from a loved one. ( my husband and i are apart too much. )

  4. oh man, little monsters is the best!

  5. moving to vegas? ahhhhhh! awesome! i hate when g leaves for trips but also kinda like having the whole bed to myself and being able to watch ridiculous shows with absurd amounts of wine. am i sounding pathetic yet? i only like it for like a night though and then i WANT HIM BACK NOW! excited to hear your big news and henry is all yours for your bday party. i can start teaching him how to do balloon animals too...

  6. i have to leave facebook for some time. so i'm doing this:

  7. Ooh can't wait to see how this painting of lauren and ted turns out!!!

  8. totally agree with the maurices horns looking like bugles!!


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