Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last night was our last night in our apartment; we are moving today! Well, sort of. We're moving out, but we're not really moving in anywhere just yet. We're going to stay with my family for about a month, which I'm sure will drive me crazy at times, but I'm definitely happy we're doing it. Then, in April, we're moving to.........


Yes, for real this time. I'm still a little bit nervous, but definitely not like I was last time. As of right now, we're unsure of how long we'll be there at first. We have some kind of crazy/exciting/sort of weird plans...FINE, GUYS. I'll tell you. But, it's nothing set in stone.........


Don't you totally love how I keep doing that? ANYWAYS. So, the other day, I made a joke on Facebook about how Josh and I are going to escape to Australia. But then, we started talking about how it would be really neat to go somewhere kind of crazy and live there for awhile. Like, three months-ish. So we're maybe doing it. It would be fairly inexpensive and nothing short of amazing. And Costa Rica is totally normal. I don't know why, but I definitely had this idea in my head that it was like, all...grass huts and stuff. It's so not. For fun, we were looking at house rentals and there are so many cool places that are right on the beach. And you can see like, toucans and monkeys in your backyard. Crazy business. 
So, it's something we're thinking/talking heavily about. 

But back to moving....I'm definitely not sad to get out of this apartment. But I am feeling sort of sentimental. This was our first home, and it's obviously kind of special to me. But just a little. :)



  1. oh! have fun wherever you end up! and good luck in all your ventrues.

  2. Yay for new adventures!!!!! ;)

    ***I live in Vegas! What part of Vegas were you thinking of moving (like cross streets or N,E,S,W? That sort of thing.) How very exciting. I can tell you all the great eating places here too!

  3. My best friend was born in costa rica, it's such a lovely place! I'd be super jealous if you went through with the idea! But I suggest you do ;)

  4. hello! i have just discovered your blog, via sometimes sweet :)
    i love the look of your blog
    beth x

  5. I was seriously, just yesterday, complaining to my husband about how I feel like we'll never live out of the country. If I'm 80 and I haven't done that, I will be very disappointed! I think my whining convinced him that it better happen!

    I hope you are able to travel! I hope Las Vegas treats you well!!

  6. anna, thank you! :)

    chelsea, that is so neat! we're not really sure yet. we're still debating on if we should get an actual house or an apartment...if we want to live in the city or a suburb...blahblahblah. haha. thank you! i would love to hear all your suggestions. :)

    k, that's really cool! it does seem incredibly beautiful. i hope we do it!

    beth, thank you for stopping by! you're the sweetest.

    victoria, seriously you guys have to do it! i think everyone should. extended vacations, what up! :)

  7. Costa Rica?! Y'all are crazy; I love it.

  8. lydia! Why does blogger hate us?! It doesn't let me follow you apparently. Just realized I hadn't read like the last 20 of yours. Sad face.

    Anddd how amazing!!!! I've always just wanted to pack up and move somewhere. So awesome that you guys can actually do that! yay!

  9. liz, we totally are. haha.

    amber, I HAVE NO IDEA. total bummer. blogger, what a jerk...

  10. I love moving around all the time. I get bored in one place.

  11. do it! we backpacked for a week on the pacific side of costa rica and loved it! we wanted to live there so bad! you definitely have to move there :)

  12. wow what an exciting adventure. im mega jelz.

  13. great blog. :) i grew up in costa rica - my family lived there for 11 years. it's totally normal - it'll take you about 2 1/2 seconds to fall in love with the people, food, and amazing scenery :)


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