Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the most important meal of the day.

I love making breakfast. Probably because it's like, my favorite meal of the day. I don't always make it. Sometimes I'm too lazy. And at those times, coffee and toast will suffice. But not on this morning. This was a real breakfast kind of morning.
Someday, I really want to be that mom that makes breakfast every single day. But who am I kidding? HA. Well, maybe it'll happen...

{poached egg, turkey bacon, red potatoes}

When I was younger, and my family still lived in our house next to my grandparents, my sister and I would take turns every Friday night spending the night with our Grandma + Grandpa. Then, every Saturday morning my Grandma would make a big breakfast. That was the best.


I also like slippers.



  1. Yum....breakfast is my favorite too! I normally do three sunny side up eggs and an apple. The apple really helps me wake up, compared to coffed. I really want to try poached eggs! Happy breakfasts! :)

  2. TURKEY BACON!!!! I DIE, so good.

  3. You're so talented. love that painting.


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