Monday, February 7, 2011

The GGB + Tourists + Full House.

On Saturday we decided to finally make the trip out to the GGB. (Golden Gate Bridge...Obvs.) It was really beautiful and scary. And, of course, super crowded with tourists. I know that I'm one, too. Okay, I get that. But I will never, I repeat never, be that tourist. I just can't. If you are that know the one of which I speak...that's totally fine. I still love you, and please don't hold this against me. If you are still having trouble understanding the tourist I am talking about, let me introduce you to Exhibit A.

{Exhibit A}

Ah, the happy couple. Yes, I know it's totally cute and precious. But I just can't understand how people do this kind of stuff! And I am like, as emotional and mushy as it gets...Also, I know I'm a total creep for taking their picture. Oh my gosh, wouldn't it be super awkward if this girl reads my blog? The chances of that are slim to nil, but it makes me laugh. :) (Please know that I am in no way trying to be mean! I promise.)

{Alcatraz Island}

I really want to go to Alcatraz. Really. I read these two YA novels about this boy who lives on Alcatraz with his family, and they really interested me. It's such a weird place.

This wee little door was under a stairwell. Josh and Boyd found it, and I thought it was super cute. So, helloooo, obvious photo op. Sometimes I feel like a weirdo taking pictures of stuff like this in front of people. So, maybe the touristy people think I'm strange...that way, it evens out. Yessss.


NEWSFLASH: Josh hates it when I say, "Newsflash!" But, that isn't the "newsflash." Anyways, NEWSFLASH: There are Great White Sharks in this water. Great Whites! Holy. Moly. How can these people know this information and still be totally fine with being in that water? 



When I took this picture, I remember being like, "Cooool! Three different types of boats in one picture!" Looking back, I'm like, "What a loser." 

{my head}

Goooooof. This guy, oh man. He was just hanging on the bridge, rapping, while his friends filmed him. 


So, like I said...Beautiful and scary. That's the best way I can describe it. I hated standing still on the bridge. And I hated walking on the bridge. If I stood still, I could feel it shaking from all the cars. And the height and water below just terrified me. And if I was walking, it made me super dizzy, and I felt like I was moving with the water. Not a big fan. 
But I'm really glad we went. It was definitely worth it. 

After we left we just kind of drove around the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Looking around. The houses here are so pretty and interesting. I want one. Too bad they're the priciest ever.
Speaking of houses, we also decided to find the "Full House" house. We found it. It was weird. The people who own it painted the front door black. Life ruiners. And it's also weird because the neighborhood doesn't look like it does on television. If that makes sense. And when I try to imagine that the Tanner family was from San Francisco, it just seems really weird and like it doesn't fit.

San Francisco has ruined "Full House" for me. Just kidding. I still love you, San Fran.


  1. San Fran is so great... and I had no idea there were great white sharks in that water!

  2. what great shots. i love san fran. and you're right, those surfers are crazy!!

  3. My home! I have lived in San Francisco all of my life but have not yet walked across the GGB. Problem? I think so.

  4. I love that city, so many memories!! But I also have never walked to GGB after all the years. I do want to.. maybe ride my bike across it rather than walk if possible :)

  5. i love the golden gate bridge and you came during perfect sf weather! for some reason feb. is always sooooo nice and warm! strange but i can't complain! i love watching the surfers too! i think it is so cool that there is a break there...i have always wanted to surf there!


  6. I've never been to San Fran.. but I've always felt the same way. That the Tanners just didn't seem to fit in there.

    Mega jealous of your trip.

  7. omg, the tanner family so doesn't fit in with san francisco. unless of course uncle jessie really wasn't the uncle. LOL.

    i'm loving your blog. it's way cute, as you are.

  8. Melissa- I love it here! I was surprised to learn that, too. But my friend told me that was one of the reasons that Alcatraz was so hard to escape from...the prisoners wouldn't really be able to swim to shore, because of the chance of being attacked by the sharks!

    emily- thank you! :)

    celeste- girl, you need to go! haha.

    madison- you should do it! there were a few people riding their bikes, i believe. you should definitely try it, too. :)

    cb- goodness, you are WAY braver than me. i am so terrified of water! hoping to break that little fear soon...haha.

    laken- i definitely recommend a visit. it's simply beautiful here. i'd never really thought much of the tanners living here, but finally being in just seems really awkward to me. haha.

    emily- um, would you believe that it took me a good 3 minutes to figure out what you meant by that? haha. i was like, what does she mean? i'm so confused. then, the great "ohhhhhh." moment. haha. you're adorable! thank you. i love yours so, so much!

  9. i went to SF this past summer and LOVED it!
    i tried to forget about full house when i was there haha

  10. loved seeing your photos. That shark business is scary!

  11. Le sigh. I heart San Francisco. For being only an hour away I don't visit enough.

  12. San Francisco is such an interesting place. It always make me think of That's So Raven and Princess Diaries as well as Full House! The Golden Gate is really cool too. It's kind of weirds me out though ever since I watched this show about it on Oprah.

  13. Lovely pictures, I had no idea there are great whites there!


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