Friday, February 4, 2011

the civil wars: barton hollow.

A couple of nights ago I decided to use the rest of the iTunes gift card money I had leftover from Christmas. So, I'm just browsing around, not really looking for anything in particular. Then, on the homepage, under the new releases section, I see this pretty little album cover...

{album cover}

I'm kind of a sucker for a really great guy/girl duo. So, I had to check it out. They are The Civil Wars, and they are beautiful. I'm so happy I clicked that little thumbnail. I've been listening to this album repeatedly the past few days.
Before purchasing I listened to all of the previews of their songs and I enjoyed every. single. one. That's pretty big for me. Usually I like most songs on an album, but hate a couple. Or hate a lot, but like a few. That was not the case for this album; I love everything. A few of the songs are so beautiful that I was actually brought to tears. (I'm kind of a crybaby, anyways...but not really when it comes to music.)

The entire album, 14 songs, is only $7.99 on iTunes. So if I were you, I'd just take the plunge and buy it. 

Those are just a few of their songs. 
If you give them a listen, tell me what you think!


  1. i've only listened to the first video but so far i like it! i kept thinking, "god, i hope the pretty girl sings" and then she did. and it was perfect.

  2. I didn't know Dana Delaney and Johnny Depp were in a band together! Music sounds nice. Modern music is so overproduced; I like their minimalist approach.

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this!


  4. hey thanks for sharing.

    if you like guy and girl duos, you should check out the swell season. i've been digging them lately.

  5. allie, i was the same way! i was like, crossing my fingers. haha.

    dad, they do look like both of those people! haha.

    dylana, you're welcome! thanks for stopping by. :)

    kaleena, i will definitely have to check them out! thanks for the tip. :)

  6. So beautiful. I would not associate that voice with that man.

  7. Oooh I love them already! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this! I was just listening to a great guy-girl duo who also happens to be folksy. They're my friends, so perhaps I'm biased, but I think they're pretty great and that you'd like them too.


  9. aki- i didn't either! i was pleasantly surprised. :)

    amylou- agreed!

    michelle- i'm glad. you're welcome! :)

    mckenzie- i will definitely give them a listen. thanks for sharing with me. i'm excited!

  10. my husband just put these guys on my iPod last week, I haven't stopped listening since, they are so talented! thanks for posting the videos :)


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