Thursday, February 17, 2011

the carnival + arcade museum.

On one of our last days in SF we went to this really neat little carnival games/arcade games museum. There was some really cool stuff and also some super creepy stuff. Creepy as in, watch a little puppet rendition of how French and English executions went down.
The owner of the museum had inherited a lot of the machines from his father, who was a collector. All of them are in perfect working order and ready for use. Fun!

We were all super curious what this would be like. The boys I think were too embarrassed to watch or something. So I did it. I mean, it was from 1896, so it's obviously not going to be toooo risque. It was pretty neat, actually. Not the actual story, but how it's just photos printed on paper...and you spin a crank and it's like flipbook. But what happened in the little movie was HA-sterical. The boss keeps trying to kiss the secretary...She is not having it. She basically flys off the handle and starts beating him. She repeatedly picks him up and throws him across the room. It was super intense.


{our fortune + our pictures from the old photobooth + my cute nail polish}



  1. these pictures are so adorable lydia! and i LOVE your nail polish! what kind is it??

  2. oh yay! i've always wanted to peek into one of those oldtime thingys, i'm glad i now know what it is. haha i hope that didn't sound creepy.

    cute nail polish.

  3. I love the dog riding in your husband's lap! My dog loves to ride in the driver's lap matter who it is. It's kind of strange.

    Looks like so much fun!

  4. You two look so cute together in those photo's :)

  5. chloe, thank you! it's from forever 21. tomorrow when i'm not being so lazy i'll go get it and find the exact name for you. :)

    kaleena, totally not creepy at all! haha.

    caroline, thank you!

    ashley, that's so cute! haha. stella is riding with him because she likes him best. if he is in the passenger seat, so is she. i'm totally okay with it, tho. ha.

    rachael, aww. thank you, m'dear!

  6. aw, i love that the boys were too scared to look. that's sweet.

  7. super cute!
    lilly, our dog, tried to be a lap riding pup- but she is a chocolate lab and just a wee bit too big for that :) i wish she were still teensy.

  8. Um, I want that picture of boyd blown up. So funny.

    And y'all's black and white photos are SO cute! I'm jealous.

  9. jess, i know. so precious.

    kello, that's really cute! haha.

    leah, i'll try to make that happen. and thanks, girl! I LOVE YOU.

  10. this place looks like a blast!! also, LOVING the nail polish color. adorable.

  11. oh muh gaaawddd i used to go there al the time when i lived there and years later i took my husband to SF and was so excited to takehim there but they had moved it and i didnt know where to. i was so sad not to show him it. its cool there, eh?


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