Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the truth, and nothing but.

as you can see, i haven't been much for blogging lately. writing or reading. well, i guess i've actually still been reading, just lacking on the commenting. and as for the writing...i've just felt...empty of words? i don't really know. i mean, i'm not apologizing. i just feel kind of bummed that i haven't been blogging at all. i really love it! i just haven't felt like i've had much to say for a long time, honestly.
it's sort of been like i've just been forcing words onto this blank page, and let's face it, that's horribly boring. for me, for you. and like, who really wants to read the most boring blog in the world? anyone? anyone? bueller? DIDN'T THINK SO.

people used to say, "you write like you talk." which was a pretty awesome compliment in my book. because to me that meant it was like my readers were having a conversation with me, like talking to an old friend. now, i sort of feel like you guys probably feel like you're reading some "what i did this summer" type of paper i wrote for school. you know? no bueno.

the new year is approaching, and one of my serious goals for 2011 is to make this blog truly mine. i want who i am to really shine through on this blog. i want it to be fun and neat and exciting. all sorts of good things! i want to put more time and effort into this. it is something i really care about, and i want that to be completely evident.

annnnnnd, that's all!


p.s. GUESS WHAT. i was featured on rachel's adoooorable blog, "adore more." my heart leaped! she did a "Top 10 Blogs of 2010" post and she actually chose me as one! talk about being flattered. go check it out! and see all the other neat ladies featured. and then look at her other posts, and fall completely in love with how delightful she is! :)
seriously. she's great. and i can't wait to work on her with this super special future project we have in the works!

okay. seriously. that's all.


  1. lyds, you're so sweet. just e-mailed you, and i'm excited for the giveaway too!

    BLOGGING IS HARD! i just took elsie's e-love course, and it was super great and helped a lot. i highly recommend it!! i've totally been in the same rut before. blehhh. but, honestly, i think your blog has so much personality already. so much more than some blogs that post ALL THE TIME. you are just honest (and yes, you write like you would talk, i assume, haha) and i LOVE that. you have a great heart, and that's what i love about your blog.

    so, yes. but, i can't wait to see more of you! good luck as we're going into the new year! happy new year! <3

  2. hey cuteface! I really know what you mean. I went through a huge rut with my blog, stopped posting for a month, and seriously considered shutting it down. I just felt like a robot when I'd post and felt like I had lost my sense of self with my blog. It was a total bummer. BUT I redesigned my blog, got rid of everything I hated, and started blogging for myself and it's been the best thing I've ever done with my blog.
    I hope your blog-rut ends soon. I've always loved your blog and look forward to reading more from you! :] XO.

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