Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a loser in life.

I really wanted to show you guys these old diary entries of my sister's from when she was like, 10. But I think my mom threw them away, which is a total bummer if you ask me. The right thing to do would have been to frame them and display them in the house. But I guess that's just my opinion.
So, instead of showing you guys the real, true deal, I just have to tell you about them. Which clearly isn't the same, but I guess we'll just have to settle. THANKS, MOM.

"I'm really worried about starting puberty.
What if I get mad and I'm mean to my friends?
Lydia has been really mean to me lately.
She's supposed to be an example in my life.
But she's more like a loser in my life."

This is probably one of the greatest things I've ever come across. HO. LY. CROW. Is it not the funniest ever? Maybe it's just because it's about me. But seriously? Also, the puberty thing makes me die. Bahahaha.

the big, giant loser.


  1. lol i love finding old things like that. i found one of my old diaries and all i could think of was doooork! hehe

  2. And now I must thank you for making my day. :D

  3. hahaha kids are so freakin' funny! sounds like me and my sis actually.

  4. HAHA! That's just too good. Adore your blog to bits Love! But I feel like I know you through Carrie too :D Happy New Year xo


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