Sunday, November 21, 2010

what's been happening...

{yes, this happened. josh did it. excuse my last night's makeup smudges.
 i feel like bianca from cocorosie.}

01. I started school last week at The System-Paul Mitchell. To say that it is incredible would understatement. It's seriously been the absolute best! I'm totally loving it. It's definitely been an adjustment, and I feel a tad bit overwhelmed, just because I haven't exactly had any responsibility the past few months or any type of serious schedule. But I welcome this change! And it's been really exciting and rewarding, even after just one week. If working in the hair/beauty industry is something you would love to do, I strongly suggest you try to attend a PM school. My learning leaders/administration/staff are all the most interesting, incredible people. I feel super blessed to be able to be learning from such neat people. Everyone there is just so, so nice. Including the students. Everyone. And this is sincerely how I feel. 

02. Last night Josh and I went to see "The Switch." It's that newer Jennifer Aniston/Jason Batemen movie. You know? It started out kind of slow and weird and not how I expected, but after about 20 minutes it got super funny, interesting, and incredibly cute. I definitely cried. The movie does have a bit of a love story in it, but I really feel the more important story and what the movie is really trying to touch on is the father/son dynamic. If nothing else, see this movie for the totally adorable little boy in the movie. 

03. Yesterday Josh's parents/sister were in town for something, so we met them at the mall and had lunch  and visited for awhile. That was fun! 

04. I have now finished watching season one of "Modern Family." Now, Josh and I are going back through and watching it together because he's not watched it yet. I love this show to pieces. If you don't watch it yet, you should start!

05. I really miss my siblings. Today and yesterday were two of their birthdays. I can't wait to see them all later this week! I really miss Chloe's antics. For instance, earlier this week, she accidentally wore one black left shoe on her left foot and one brown left shoe on her right foot to school. Oh, Chlo. :)

So that's basically what's been going on this week! How was your week/weekend? 


  1. i love your reference to bianca!
    hahah, i always enjoy seeing her bearded-ness. :)

  2. I didn't know you were in school! It sounds like you are having a wonderful experience - I am so happy for you!

  3. I am so glad you are loving school! Love the picture, it's so cute!

  4. That picture is great!!! Hugs to you! xo

  5. wow paul mitchell, how exciting :)
    and that's quite the look you have going on there

  6. I'm glad your having a good time in school!Sounds like you really love it there. That picture is so funny and cute!

    Marja <3

  7. 1)congrats on starting hairschool! i know what that feels like! i graduated from hairschool 5 years ago next month and what a wonderful journey it has been. my advice to you is, just stick with it. i can almost garauntee there will be times when you'll want to quit and give up and as normal as those feelings are, don't give in to them. stick it out. it will be worth it! GOOD LUCK! hope you love it!

    2) i've thought about seeing this movie just for the sheer wonderment of if i am right in predicting what happens just by seeing the previews. :)

    3) seeing family is so fun. its my favorite.

    4) i heart modern family. my brother and i just finished watching season one as well. i cannot WAIT for season 2 to be released on DVD. even though its a long ways a way, i anticipate it greatly! - who's your favorite mf family? mine is definitely cam and mitchell although all the families are marvelous.

    5) i miss my sisiter too! glad to have at least one around. and happy birthday to your sisters.

    have a magnificent sunday.


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