Thursday, September 16, 2010


That's just how I feel.
To be honest.
And I'm not sure why...but I do know that's why I haven't been blogging.

But...I really like this quote!
You should, too.
Apply it to your life!



  1. Such an inspiring quote :)

    Hate those ho-hum blergh moods. I guess it helps you appreciate tha happier moods you experience :)

  2. love the quote. ive been feeling the same...just bored by blogging lately.ugh.

  3. I so need this right now, as I am getting way too caught up in the chaos of my life...

  4. i've been feeling the same way lately, but i know it's all because i'm getting so sad about having to leave my little flojo for a whole week :(

    i do love the quote, and i'm happy to say that i've done some of those things!

  5. LOVE the quote, and have been really missing your blog! I have been checking everyday, and was so excited to see you had posted a new blog!

  6. Oh I love this quote!! Hugs lady!! XO

  7. love this quote! also, selfish BUT. i love to hear that you haven't been blogging all crazy while i've been on vacation and dealing with stacie's me a chance to catch up on all of your wonderful posts that i have been missing so much!!


  8. Hello! I'm your newest follower. You and your husband look so cute and in love. I love the pic of you guys on the side. And that is a lovely quote. x


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