Thursday, August 26, 2010


REALLY cute and clever name, i know. 

in our coffee/teapot/mug/tea cup cabinet i have two most favorite coffee mugs. both of these were acquired on thrifting adventures, and i definitely adore them. they're real fun. see for yourself! 

{don't mind the coffee drips.} 

i love this one for a few reasons...for starters, the shape of it is pretty unique--it's wide at the bottom and has a much smaller opening up top. i also really like the coloring! but my most favorite thing about this mug is what it says: "YOU." i like to think that it came as a set of two mugs: "YOU." & "ME." and i like to wonder who has the "ME." mug. we have a connection. :)

this other one doesn't really have as much of a story behind it as to why i like it. i just think it's really pretty, and i love the design and style of it! 

i love when i find sweet little things like this on thrifting adventures. makes my day!

are you a big coffee drinker? yes, no? what's your drink of choice?


p.s. if you couldn't tell...i'm really in the blogging mood lately.  :)


  1. LOVE that YOU mug. And the cute story behind it makes it even better. I like coffee okay (but not on nights like tonight where it's 5am, the sun is rising, and I'm yet to set) but I LOVE tea.

  2. i am having the same issues, girl.
    i seriously think i am suffering from legit insomnia.
    suuuper rough.

  3. "YOU" & "ME". Very clever concept! :D NICE!

  4. I LOVE coffee! But it's more like a special treat to me. I like to meet a friend for coffee or get it right before I go shopping. Not sure why coffee and shopping go together but they do..for me.
    Maybe someday you will find the Me to your You mug! :)

  5. I love, love, love coffee. My mom gave me some as a baby & that's where it all began. My addiction, I mean. Ha.

  6. That YOU mug is great! I love coffee and tea mugs. My mother in law sent me a great one for my birthday. I say, the more mugs the better!

  7. I love that you're in the blogging mood lately! :) I enjoy your posts.

    And I love the shape of that mug! I love different and weird mugs. Weird shapes and stuff. I think I might have a bit of a mug addiction... ha! Oh well. All the more reason for tea parties.

  8. I only drink tea (a proper Scottish lass) and when I went to New York on holiday a few years ago, I couldn't get a proper cup of tea for love nor money! I'll be bringing my own teabags the next time!


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