Friday, August 27, 2010


This was the second video I made, because I thought that the first video didn't have sound. Well, it didn't, but when I uploaded it...the sound reappeared! (But it is a little off track with the video.) I made this one just to tell you guys the winner again. And I had a couple of questions at the end of it! : )

And there's the original video! I went ahead and put it on here, too. Just so you guys wouldn't think I was a big ol' cheater. : ) I promise I'm not.

And, here is the winner's blog: She's such a funny, sweet lady! You have to start following, if you don't already. : )

Thanks again for participating in the giveaway, guys! More to come soon, I hope. 



  1. WHAT THE CUTE ACCENT?! You're such a doll.

  2. haha, thank you! : )
    you're the nicest!

  3. You are SO CUTE! Congrats to Meghan. :)

  4. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    (Can you tell I am excited???)

    First of all, you are ADORABLE, lady! I absolutely loved the vlog. Secondly, you are just too kind - thank you for the nice words. The feeling is mutual! Seriously, though, you just melted my heart!

    I am sending an email now (and I love how you pointed to the sidebar, ha)!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


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