Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recipe Share: Steamed Eggs w/ Vinegar + Herbs.

Yesterday Josh and I went grocery shopping. It was my first "real" grocery shopping trip, so I was pretty excited, to be honest. I made my list of items I would need for meals for the next week, and I stuck to it. I even stayed within my budget, which I was especially proud of. You guys are probably like, "Laaame."
But I'm new at this "grown-up" thing, and sometimes I think it's kind of fun. : )

So, this morning for breakfast, I made my first planned meal* for the week. I got the recipe off of the Shape magazine website. It was really, really good, so I figured I would share it with you all. Steamed Eggs w/ Vinegar + Herbs. (Click the link to be taken to the recipe!) I love that it's healthy and low in calories, without sacrificing great taste. Which I think is true for most healthful foods, but people are afraid that it won't be. You just have to give everything at least one chance! Most of the time, I think you'll find that meals like this don't disappoint. 

I cooked my eggs a little different than the recipe says to, but I'm pretty sure it's the same principle. Instead of steaming them and cooking in the oven, I poached them in a pan on the stove. I love cooking eggs like this, because they cook really beautifully and the yolk stays all gooey, which is my favorite. (If you happen to hate that gooey factor, just cook them a little longer. You'll be able to tell.)

For my eggs, once they were cooked I used oregano, sea salt, and regular vinegar to flavor them. The vinegar sounds a little off-putting, but I was pleasantly surprised by it. So if you try this recipe, I highly recommend you don't skip out on the vinegar. Don't pour it on your eggs, just a little splashing will do! 

Let me know if you decide to try this recipe out, and if you do, whether or not you liked it. : )

*I mentioned that this was one of my recipes from a planned list of meals. I decided to try a new tactic for getting on track with a healthier eating plan. I looked up lots of different meal ideas and snacks yesterday and wrote down ones that I thought sounded particularly great. I picked out enough to last for over the course of a week. Then, when Josh and I went grocery shopping, I only purchased items that were to be used for snacks and meals. I'm hoping this new approach will work, and I sort of like the planning part of it. (I'm a list maker! Shrug.)

I don't have any updates as far as my 30 Day Challenge. I threw it out the window, and I hate that I let myself down, and since I included all of you I feel that, in a way, I let you down, too. I know that's pretty silly! But I'm looking forward to the next week...knowing there will be changes in my diet, and in my exercise. In the next couple of days I'll update about things, letting you in on what I'm doing to make some changes happen. 


  1. wow! that really looks awesome. i might have to try that.

  2. i think this sounds really good, but maybe that's because i love vinegar so much i could bathe in it (okay, maybe not quite that much, but almost)! i'll have to try it sometime!

  3. awesome approach!

    I you should load up on fruits and veggies for snacks. carrots and celery are a yummy crunchy alternative to chips/cookies!

    For breakfast I have been having yogurt, fresh blueberries/strawberries and granola is sooooo good =) But this sounds great I might try it sometime this week.

  4. omg! im gonna make this this week! looks so beautiful and yummy!
    oh and thanks for entering our giveaway doll:)
    hope married life is going GRRRRRREAT!

  5. that looks so good!! i wanna try it.


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