Sunday, July 18, 2010


So, I'm beginning to think that by blogging about where Josh and I have officially decided to live has been a jinx for us.
Every single time I blog about it, something falls through or we decide it's not the best decision.

1.) Way back when, Josh and I were going to move to the Memphis area.
I blogged about it.
Our friend/future roommate changed his mind.
(Thank goodness.)

2.) We were going to move to Springfield. 
I blogged about it.
I don't remember why, but we ended up deciding not to move there.

3.) After visiting Las Vegas for 2 weeks we decided to move there.
I blogged about it.
A couple of weeks later I got cold feet and was too scared to move so far away.

4.) We decided to stay closer to home for awhile and move to Cape Girardeau.
I blogged about it.
We went apartment hunting a couple of days.
And it seems each place we found was just totally against us.
No pets allowed, or the prices were outrageous.

So, we discussed it and came down to two options of places we'd like to move.
We decided on one and now we'll be going tomorrow to look at apartments and HOPEFULLY move into a place.
But I obviously can't tell you where until we're actually calling it home!
So be ready tomorrow for an announcement. :)
(Let's hope it's a good one.)



  1. I hope everything works out - everything happens for a reason, right???

  2. that is too silly! i hope your secret destination will work out!!!

  3. haha I'm so superstitious! This one has to work since you didn't tell!


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