Monday, May 3, 2010

Swarley, Ya Big Nasty!

Okay, remember this little dollface?

Well, if you can find her somewhere, let me know.
Because that little cute head is long freaking gone.
Nowadays, Swarley is all about running around, acting a fool, killing small/harmless animals and ripping them to shreds, being so crazy she trips over her own body, and just generally being obnoxious.

But you know what?
I love her just as much now as I ever did before...if not more.

Even if she does wake me up between 5 and 6 every morning to go outside.
Even if she still can't figure out that it's not okay to "go" inside the house.
Even if she eats cat poop. (yeah, i know. WHAT THE.)
Even if I always have to pick tics off of her every night.

I just love her.
And she loves me.

We can't wait to get her a friend when we move!


  1. awww!!! such a cutie :)

  2. Oh cute...and disgusting...but cute!

  3. Oh, Sabin does that too! Eats cat poop and it's just absolutely disgusting! He doesn't do it too often anymore, but every time he does it we give him something to make his breath not stink...maybe that's why he does it so much?! He thinks he's doing something good, so then he gets a treat!

    Silly pups!

  4. SO cute!! I just love your posts lately, HOW am I supposed to resist a puppy?!

  5. I hope you find her! She's tooooo cute!

  6. Oh no!! Killing small animals??!!! Like Swarley and Sabin, Monty and my parents dogs all love them some cat poop. My mom puts her dogs in time out when she catches them eating it!!

  7. Glad to hear swarley isn't the only one on the cat poop issue.
    the vet told josh once that dogs apparently find it to be very sweet.
    so that's why they eat it!
    still icky.


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