Thursday, May 6, 2010

new, exciting plans.

couple of days ago, Josh and I hit our first real-sort of-kind of road block as an almost married couple.
Up until Tuesday, our plan for after the wedding had been to move to Memphis and live with Josh's friend, Jason, while Josh was in school nearby in Mississippi.
However, on Tuesday I was looking into job openings in that area and for application purposes Josh asked Jason our address there.
Jason came back with the wonderful response of, "Oh, you're still moving here?"
Really? Really?

Instead of getting into all the gory details of this whole ridiculous matter, I'll just wrap it up with this:
I don't think things were handled the way they should have been.
 AKA: maturely.
I ended up pretty hurt by it and a little scared at first.
After all, we were supposed to be actually living there in about 30 days!

Now, though, I can honestly say that I'm happy with how things are turning out, even if the way it's happened isn't exactly the way I'd prefer.
Josh and I are going to be moving closer to his school, in either Robinsonville or Southaven.
Also a plus, we'll be living on our own, which is much better.
I think we'll definitely be happier with things this way, especially since we'll also be getting to live on our own terms. 
(Don't even get me started.)
The only advantage to living in Memphis was from a financial stand point, but we can obviously handle things ourselves, too.

I'm excited about things working out this way.
We're going to be embarking on our own fun adventure and that's just the way it should be.
We'll probably be going to look at apartments down there within the next week or so, and I can't wait!

23 days til the wedding!

(oh, that super cute letter "A" at the beginng? it's from Jessica Hische from Daily Drop Cap. Adorable!)


  1. Oh you are SO close! I am so excited for you. These next few weeks are going to be a blur, and trust me when I say that it only gets better after the wedding!

  2. oh my gosh, how horrible! at least something good is coming out of it, and you guys will be able to be on your own--you're married, you don't want roomates!.

  3. Oh goodness! That's nice that he let you guys know ahead of time!!

    But I definitely think it will be a fun adventure for you two to live on your own and create your own home with each other!


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