Wednesday, April 28, 2010

josh has a type.

Tonight Josh and I were watching the TV Guide Channel waiting for something to scroll by that looked appealing enough to watch.
Nothing, nothing, and nothing.
"Josh, do you want to watch a movie?"
"Let's wait one more time and see if anything is on."
"...No, Josh. Just pick a movie!"

So, Josh went through my movie collection and returned with three real "fine" films.

Stick It.

Blue Crush.

She's the Man.

Obviously I had to tease him a little, but then there was a moment where I realized that not only did Josh choose three girl movies...
He chose three girl movies about female athletes: a soccer player, a surfer, and a gymnast.
And then I had to tease him a lot.

Oh, by the way, his final choice was "Stick It."


  1. haha. stick it. i actually like that movie. the girl in it is SO FIT. ridiculous.

    ohh, and wes anderson movies! i completely forgot. his cast is AMAZING. i love them all!

    and may 29th!! so exciting! eek! good luck planning and everything. how is it coming? ohh, i can't wait to see everything!

  2. lydia! i love your new header! how did you make it? it's so coool! oh, nice!! i was just going to say that i added you on weheartit. yayy for cute pictures all the time!

  3. Hahahaha. I love "Blue Crush". It's so ridiculous but it makes me want to be a surfer.

  4. i love blue crush and i liked stick it--me and my boyfriend always talk about stick it for some reason. haha who knows!


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